27th April 2008


So… Um… Yea…. I’m in Hawaii!!!


Thats All… Stories to follow…

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13th April 2008

Beer Goggles Welcome

beer-goggles.jpgI’m sure many of your homepages are set to Yahoo.com. One of last week’s stories rotating through the “Featured” section of the page is entitled “Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men”. Personally I cannot believe that somebody actually waisted their time on a study of something we already know (Men are more superficial than women).  I mean how many times do you see that average guy with the hot girl walking down the street?

I wish I could get paid for meaningless research!  Just my random thought for the day :).

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8th April 2008

Know Your Audience

The #1 rule in advertising is to know your audience, especially when it comes to advertising alcohol.  Brands are a dime a dozen, but those that are successful in the art of finding their way behind the most bars and into the most households are those that are the most skilled at appealing to their target audience.  Anheiser Busch, Miller, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Stolichnaya, Absolut and a cast of others have been doing this for years and it is why their names are the first to the tongue whether we are buying it in the liquor store or ordering it from your local bartender.


Such ads are often times the case of much controversy.  In the US you cannot even show the person in the act of actually DRINKING the beer, how ridiculous is that? You can flash from one scene where the glass is full to another where the glass is empty, but you cannot show the sheer act of “the drink”. 

One ad in particular that I would like to talk about is this most recent Absolut ad.  An ad that was not even meant to reach the American marketplace! The billboard ad has the slogan “In an Absolut World” slapped over a pre-1848 map showing California, Arizona, along with a number of other US States as Mexican Territory (Up until 1848 this is how the map of North America actually looked).  It doesn’t take a genius to get what the ad is implying and why it has some Americans up in arms… And that’s my point, why do we really care about an ad that was not even targeted at us (It wasn’t even put up on American soil)?  You do not see the Hispanic and Indian population in a hissy fit over the Budweiser ad with Carlos Mencia that depicted him teaching a class of immigrants how to appropriately say the word “Bud Light” do you? And if there was any backlash it sure didn’t create enough of a stir to get that ad pulled (I still see it on the air today, 2 years after the Superbowl when it premiered).

The sentiment of this ad was not meant to be “Anti-American”, but rather a clever attempt at appealing to the nationalistic values of the Mexican people… I would like to allude to a previous point I made in a recent post.  Please have a sense of humor!!!  I am quite sure that this ad will not incite a riot of the Mexican people against America to get back the land that was once theirs.  If you think I am wrong, and that Absolut was trying to do anything but increase their bottom line, you are quite simply wrong, closed minded and dumb!  The people of this great country have become way too sensitive and “PC”.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Absolut has since pulled the ad (Source: Yahoo)

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2nd April 2008

Only In NY

Its a crisp cool night at Yankee Stadium… The rain has stopped… Opening day 2008… The last at “Old” Yankee Stadium, “The House That Ruth Built.”  Introductions pass… Boos for the Jays, Standing “O’s” for the new manager Joe Girardi amongst others.

The American Flag is unveiled out in center field, a young Army Cadet stands at the mic behind home plate… Queue the National Anthem…

Notice anything? Maybe how TERRIBLY off key he goes around “Bright Stars”??? And even funnier how the crowd lets him know how bad with a big “Oooooooooo”…

Yea… Only in New York will you experience that… Opening Day and the crowd blatantly acknowledging how that nice young Cadet singing our Nation’s Anthem just went off key… OUCH!

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17th March 2008


I know I’ve been on a youtube kick lately, but this is hilarious!

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6th March 2008

Best prank ever!

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6th March 2008

And the rebuttle…

Watch the one below first!

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6th March 2008

I’m F*$cking Matt Damon

For those of you who havent already seen this….

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4th February 2008

Bud Light Superbowl Commercial

Here’s my favorite commercial from last night’s Super Bowl. What’s yours?

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22nd January 2008

Packer Fans…

Are officially crazy!


Any of you readers out there know these beautiful frozen cheeseheads?

I know you’ve all seen this by now, but I just had to throw my two cents in as well… CLEARLY these ladies must of been aided by an alcoholic substance of some sort, or maybe those bikini tops were heated, as temperatures with the wind chill dipped well below Zero Degrees for this thriller.

Luckily the Packers were not fueled by their passion… Go GIANTS!

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