12th February 2009

Philly Singles

To continue my post from yesterday, I wanted to provide my Philadelphia single readers with some info on how to make this couples holiday less depressing:



Start your weekend early – Tonight, Thursday 2/12 – Join hundreds of singles at Mad River Bar and Grille (126 Chestnut St.) for Philadelphia’s Largest Singles Anti-Valentine’s Bash (Just $15 if you click here and buy now). Valentine’s Day is not just for couples anymore! Enjoy a night of networking, flirting and dancing. Fun icebreaker games will get you in the mood to meet new people. There will be delicious hors d’oeuvres, prize give-a-way’s, contests and discount drink prices to get you in the spirit of this fantastic party. This is positively a party you won’t want to miss and maybe cupid might point his arrow your way!

On Saturday head out to the Anti-Valentine’s Day Scavenger hunt (Just $20 if you click here and buy now) at Rum Bar Lounge & Restaurant ( 2005 Walnut Street). Join other singles for a fun and competitive Anti-Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt. You and your team will be finding those fun and sometimes racy items that will ensure a great night! Teams will have 3.5 hours to collect as many of the items on the list as possible and bring them back to the starting point. You must stay in your full group at all times and arrive at your final destination as a group. It is recommended that at least one person in each group have a digital camera. You are only allowed to use your feet and SEPTA to get around. This amazing day will end back at the Rum Bar for tales of true adventure, continuing the fun over drinks. Rain Or Shine – Dress for the day.

Finally if you want to keep it simply, head on out to one of Philly’s oldest ale houses, Mcgillin’s Old Ale House (1310 Drury St.) for $5 Pitchers: Pabst Blue Ribbon (all day) $5 meal: 6-oz Sirloin Steak, and if you want to feel healthy, 99¢ buys a side salad.

To close it out, for my West Coast reader’s, we’ll look into options in LA & San Francisco tomorrow just in time for V-day weekend.

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11th February 2009

‘Single’ in the City

So its Valentines Day and you’re single.  Aside from drinking your depressed self into a stupor while alone in your apartment what can (SHOULD) you do?

If you’re in NY here are some options:

New York

Get warmed up at Tribeca Tavern (247 West Broadway b/w White & Walker) and shoot some pool while enjoying $3 domestic beer from 4 – 7pm.

Then head on over to the LES @ Label Lounge (174 Rivington b/w Clinton & Attorney) for “Lustr Saturdays” – Underground disco, featuring DJs Sushi Steve (Stereo-Type, Deprogram), Chris Alker (Stereo-Type, DUI, Deprogram) and M68 (Labor of Love). $4 beers and well drinks from 9-11 p.m.

Or maybe just spend your night @ the wonderful Town Tavern (134 W 3rd near MacDougal) for their “Cupid is Stupid” event.  For $20 enjoy a 2 hr top shelf open bar with complimentary “love potion” (I’m sure thats just some form of flavored chick shot) from 9-11pm and Hors d’Oeuvres.  Sexy bartenders IN COSTUME will be present.

Please check back tomorrow for the Philadelphia V-day Singles Edition.

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10th February 2009

Best & Worst Drinking Buddies

I was drunk the other night… Surprise, surprise I know… And me and my buddies were arguing over who the best and worst drinking buddies of all time would be.  Here is what I can recall:

In the #6 Spot:


Best – Barney (NPH) – The ultimate wingman from the new hit CBS show “How I Met Your Mother” never goes home alone, if you know what I mean…  And neither would you, he would see to it!

Worst – Edward Scissor Hands – He had scissors for hands!  I wouldn’t want to be around when he begins to lose coordination… IF he can he even hold a beer. Although I guess we wouldn’t have the game Edward “40” hands without him.  Still, definitely earns his spot on the “worst” list.
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6th February 2009

Whiskey saves lives

Now I  know what you’re thinking…”I already knew that whiskey is a life saver.” But this time I’m not talking about drinking yourself silly so you pass out and don’t kill yourself because your girlfriend broke up with you.


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18th January 2009

To Beer or not to Beer?

Pint of beerWe don’t really know where this came from, but we assume that people who drink beer for water could be asking ‘How long can one live solely on beer’? Well, the answer is definitely not that simple. Conducting a research experiment on this, by feeding individuals simply beer, would be extremely unethical. However, we’re sure some of you would do that for free, but please, don’t!

There are a few facts though that could give us all a hint on whether or not this might be possible. Rather, how long it would take before you start throwing up parts of your liver. The story goes back to the Seven Years War of 1756-63, where physician to the English fleet, John Clephane, conducted this sort of clinical trial. Read the rest of this entry »

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16th January 2009

The Inaugural Beer


Obama’s Inauguration, a moment in history that will be remembered forever!

As a tribute to the incumbent president, Sixpoint Craft Ales brewed what they call “Hop Obama Ale”. The beer is described as “a stout gone porter with kriek lambic.” We are told that the flavors are individually unique yet “…gain their solidarity from their indivisibility.”

So where do you find this celebratory ale?  While kegs of “Hope Obama” are not in every local pub we can tell you that a few of your local NYC pubs have them stored away to tap on inauguration day.

Where it can be found:

Vintage Irving – Near Union Square (120 E 15th St)

D.B.A – East village (41 1st Ave near 2nd st)

Can anyone out there help us with where it may be found around the nation come Jan. 20th???

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16th January 2009

Hennessy Honors Obama with Special 44th Edition Bottle

Henessy 44th editionHennessy which is celebrating the inauguration of President-elect Obama as our country’s 44th president with a limited edition “44” bottle. Only 180,000 individually numbered bottles were produced which can be purchased for $30. The bottles are only available in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Illinois, New York City and Georgia. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.

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8th January 2009

2009 – Party School Update

Around this time back in 2008, I posted the top 10 party schools as per Princeton Review.  I thought it was time for a little update, with some of our own comments and insights of course! HS Seniors take note:

2009 Top 10 Party Schools 

1. Universtiy of Florida – Up from #4 last year.  Their multi-year championship runs in football and basketball would even get Stephen Hawking to the keg!

2. University of Mississippi – Stable at #2… Because what else is there to do in Mississippi?

3. Pennsylvania State University – Up from the 6 spot.  They’ve almost got this right!  Check out game day at this Big 10 school and you’ll see why it earns its spot in the top 3.

4. West Virginia University – Down from #1 a year ago. While I can’t explain the drop, I can’t even explain why they’re in the top 5? I guess this calls for a visit!

5. Ohio University – Athens – Up from #9.  Reasoning… See Mississippi.

6. Randolph-Macon College – Unranked last year.  Never heard of the place, can someone enlighten me on this one?

7. University of Georgia – Down from #5.  Another football powerhouse.  Drop in ranking must be due to their dissapointing football season. Clearly depressed fans party nearly as hard!

8. University at Texas, Austin – Down from #3.  Someone please explain to me how this happened? UT is known for partying, what warrented such a drop?

9. University of California – Santa Barbara – Up a slot from #9 – The school is on the beach!  Do I need to explain any further?

10. Florida State University – Unranked last year. Personally I don’t see how they made the top 10.  I was lucky enough to go to the Orange Bowl back in 2005 (PSU vs FSU) and it was like a Penn State home game.  Their fans couldn’t travel 7 hours to our 21! 

SizzUp’s replacements for the 10 spot on the list:  University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Alabama, Auburn… And I can probably think of 10 others more deserving than FSU!

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8th January 2009

Underage Crackdown


Just a heads up to all those headed to the College BCS Championship game tonight.

“The state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco will be sending 12 to 16 agents to Thursday’s game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Florida Gators.”

Penalties will be enforced!  (Read More Here)

Now I went to PSU in State College, PA.  For those of you who may not know, PSU is known for being hard on those caught drinking underage.  All are punished!  Now I spent all 4 of my football seasons (3 for which I was under 21) at PSU tailgating hard before every game (6-8 games/year).  Not ONCE did I get an underage violation. 

Here are my 2 simple rules for staying out of trouble while still having a “good time”:

1 – Red Plastic Solo cups & Water bottles are your best friend.  In other words don’t be obvious by sitting there with a glass beer bottle or aluminum can full of beer.  Take the time to pour it into a paper/plastic cup or even a water bottle, it’ll be your savior!

2 - Drink smart!  Don’t drink to the point where you are falling over yourself and drawing unwanted attention.  I know this might be hard for some of you, but its better than paying that hefty fine.

It is as simple as that!  Sure the police presence is annoying, but it doesn’t have to ruin your fun!

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2nd January 2009



So much for that low-carb diet.



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