10th July 2008

Contest Closed

Our first monthly contest has been reached its conclusion… We have received some real strange submissions.  Some quality, while others were just repulsive, but either way I thank you all for your submissions!

In one week we will announce the winner along with our commentary on the three best AND worst tasting submissions.  The winner will be notified by e-mail and will receive their choice of SizzUp Mug, Hat, or T-shirt.

Stay tuned for the next contest (Ideas Welcome).

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8th July 2008

Last Call

… To take part in this month’s SizzUp Contest.  The goal, to create the strangest, best tasting cocktail.

I have received about 50 entries thus far by comment & via e-mail, two of which stick out… but its not over yet, so get your entry in today.  Contest ends in just two days (7/10)!!!

Maybe something like this will do the trick:

Dirty Mother

40mL vodka
30mL Tia Maria
1 cup cream
1 cup milk

Pour the alcoholic drinks and ice cubes into a shaker. After that add cream and milk that you have previously mixed – one cup of milk on one cup of cream, of course, in a large bowl. Shake strongly for around ten seconds, and strain it through a strainer into a glass with ice in it. Decorate with a cherry and straw.


(Courtesy of: Javno.com)

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10th June 2008

Give Us Your Strangest Concoction

Tonight I was thinking to myself… .What is the strangest concoction I’ve ever heard of? Surely I’ve come across something bizarre, whether it tasted good or bad is another thing altogether.

Interesting Cocktail
Here’s some of the various creations I’ve come across:
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