17th September 2008

World’s Best Bars

Do you like to travel? Do you travel worldwide? Do you have trouble finding the local “hot spots” in that exotic place halfway around the globe?

Well check out the website WorldsBestBars.com.  It is a bar directory whose ongoing mission is to locate and review the finest bars the planet has to offer.

From the site: “If you’re passionate about impeccably made drinks, sublime design and genuine, un-manufactured atmosphere, then we can help you find the best places in the world in which to spend your evenings. We cover everything from exclusive cocktail lounges to more stylish and intimate night spots, from the most famous names in the bar world to undiscovered gems, as voted for by other discerning bar-goers.”
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13th August 2008

Buy Your Friend A Drink – From East to West

Busier & more successful than the rest of your friends? Always buying them drinks? Constantly hounded to go out, but you’re too tired?  Or maybe it’s your best friend’s 21st birthday but you can’t make it out because you live on the other side of the country?  Well for those of you who have these problems BuyYourFriendADrink.com allows you to purchase alcoholic beverages for your buddies from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer & a credit card or Pay Pal account!

If you want to buy your friend a drink you can send him a drink coupon via e-mail, regular mail or even text message!  To Redeem, simply just click the RedeemMyDrink button on the site, find a participating bar and go get your drink!

The site provides a list of participating venues, offers free drink incentives, and lists the BYFAD team’s favorite drinks.  Currently there are a number of participating US cities from East to West, from NYC to Miami to Los Angeles, you can get your friend’s drunk from anywhere!  (Although it hasn’t made its way overseas just yet…)

It also seems like this site has some benefits if you use it simply for yourself.  Today I took a moment to sign myself up and order a “Drink Card”.  Stated benefits include:

Earn $10 immediately when you request a Drink Card
Earn 20% bonus every time you add value to your Drink Card

As soon as I get my card and try it out I will post more details about the site.  Until then, stay tuned!

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17th July 2008

The Panda Page


This is one funny site – Warning, read with an OPEN mind:Are you planning a trip to America? Wondering what Americans are really like? And are you tired of Internet faggotry?

Well it’s high time you read The Panda Page for the Field Guide to the People of America! A new series that breaks down the anonymity of our great country for newborns and immigrants.

The people of America are delusional gun-toting psychotics with a desire to be smug and trendy. But they’re not all bad, once you get to know them!

So check the Field Guide to the People of America, available only on ThePandaPage.Com

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6th June 2008

Mornings Of Regret


Do you remember those times in college when you would wake up the next morning and not known where you were?  Maybe you were in your bed and wondered how you got there, on a friend’s couch, at your bf/gf’s place, or maybe even somewhere you’ve “never been”…

Well now there’s a place for you to share these stories. RegretfulMorning.com is the place to anonymously share stories of embarrassment (Walks of shame, nasty hookups, drunken mishaps, etc…) so that the rest of the world can point and laugh at your misfortune.  Don’t worry though, your humiliation will not go unrewarded… The best stories are awarded a prize!

So check it out, this blog is sure to amuse.

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23rd May 2008

The Beer Goggler

Often times I come across a blog that just makes me smile.  Sometimes due to clever commentary, sometimes due to the content, and more times than not due to the pictures.  In this case it happens to be all three. 
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