28th May 2009

Blame My Obsession With Fantasy Baseball

Apr 27th, 2009.  About a month ago now.  The last time a post was made to this site and that was made by one of our lovely contributors, Kimberly Edwards.  The last time I personally posted was back on April 1st for April Fools day.  Funny thing, that was just 5 days before the start of the MLB season and coincidentally I just happen to have a slight obsession with baseball of the fantasy variety…  I guess my lackluster performance over these past couple months can really be attributed to just that! 

In any case, lets put my obsession to good use… Here are some interesting baseball inspired cocktails I came accross:



2 oz of El Mejor Tequila
1 “Performance-enhancing” Spicy Tomato Juice concoction, served in a needle-less syringe.

The energy-boosting tomato juice is a mix of smoked tomatoes and jalapenos put through a juicer, along with canned tomato juice and tabasco sauce.

Papelbon & Jelly

3 oz Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka
1 Table spoon of jelly
1 splash of cranberry juice

Combine into a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain the thing into a peppered flute, fill the rim of the glass with peanut butter and sprinkle crushed nuts along the edges.

Manny’s Homer RamierX

2 oz of Cabo Wabo Tequila
1 oz of X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
1 splash of sour mix
1 Red Bull

Mix together and top it up with Red Bull and mix. Add salt along the rim and a slice of lime for garnish.

I know, I know, these sound quite strange… And to be honest I haven’t tried any of the above but they just sounded so intriguing I had to post. If you happen to try any of the above and post comments below, maybe you’ll find a SizzUp T-shirt in the mail… Who knows???

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23rd February 2009

The New Look

As many of you have read about and some have already explored, we have created a unique bartender application (Click on The Bartender Graphic on the left). 

How To Use:

1. Choose your ingredients from OUR list on the Left.
2. Make sure you check for ICE, as it counts towards the results’ score.
3. When you’re done, click on SERVE ME PLEASE, and the results will appear immediately under the Bartender with up to 50% relevance.

Of course this is just our BETA version of this application.  Our full version (Pictured Below) will be released with the launch of our ‘full’ website along with some other useful applications. 

In the meantime, it is very important to us that we get this application as close to perfect as possible your feedback is KEY, so don’t hold back and feel free to leave your comments on the page.  For a sneak peak at the SizzUp Bartender’s new look, see below:


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8th January 2009

2009 – Party School Update

Around this time back in 2008, I posted the top 10 party schools as per Princeton Review.  I thought it was time for a little update, with some of our own comments and insights of course! HS Seniors take note:

2009 Top 10 Party Schools 

1. Universtiy of Florida – Up from #4 last year.  Their multi-year championship runs in football and basketball would even get Stephen Hawking to the keg!

2. University of Mississippi – Stable at #2… Because what else is there to do in Mississippi?

3. Pennsylvania State University – Up from the 6 spot.  They’ve almost got this right!  Check out game day at this Big 10 school and you’ll see why it earns its spot in the top 3.

4. West Virginia University – Down from #1 a year ago. While I can’t explain the drop, I can’t even explain why they’re in the top 5? I guess this calls for a visit!

5. Ohio University – Athens – Up from #9.  Reasoning… See Mississippi.

6. Randolph-Macon College – Unranked last year.  Never heard of the place, can someone enlighten me on this one?

7. University of Georgia – Down from #5.  Another football powerhouse.  Drop in ranking must be due to their dissapointing football season. Clearly depressed fans party nearly as hard!

8. University at Texas, Austin – Down from #3.  Someone please explain to me how this happened? UT is known for partying, what warrented such a drop?

9. University of California – Santa Barbara – Up a slot from #9 – The school is on the beach!  Do I need to explain any further?

10. Florida State University – Unranked last year. Personally I don’t see how they made the top 10.  I was lucky enough to go to the Orange Bowl back in 2005 (PSU vs FSU) and it was like a Penn State home game.  Their fans couldn’t travel 7 hours to our 21! 

SizzUp’s replacements for the 10 spot on the list:  University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Alabama, Auburn… And I can probably think of 10 others more deserving than FSU!

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27th October 2008

Contributors Welcome

OK… So I have absolutely sucked this previous month in keeping you all updated with the “drinking news” around the globe.  But this period of sucking is for good reason. 

My partners and I are in the process of revamping the entire website.  The end result will be a totally reworked, user friendly website with recipe’s, fun updated applications and more!

That in mind, I still would like to keep the info flowing here on the blog, but clearly we just don’t have the time as of late to keep it up to date all ourselves.  So I propose to you the readers the opportunity to contribute yourselves.  All you have to do is e-mail us at SizzUp@sizzup.com with “Contributor” in the subject line, along with your desired username and we will sign you up.

What’s in it for you?  Some free SizzUp gear and the ability to Beta test our newest applications as they become available.

Register today and help us keep our fellow drinkers informed!

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6th August 2008


I know I know, we’ve been MIA over the past two weeks, but you’ll all be happy to know we’ve been spending our time wisely.  We’ve got some exciting partnerships in the works with both bars an other websites alike.

One such partnership we’ve undergone is with a fun blog I highlighed early last month Regretfulmorning.com.  We are currently sponsoring their “Demotivational Poster Contest”.

How to play:

Save the following picture to your desktop.


So check out this latest contest and stay tuned for further updates!

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22nd May 2008

SizzUp Store

Courtesy of Cafepress.com (A wonderful tool BTW) we bring to you the SizzUp Store!

With a growing varaiety of T-Shirts, Beer Steines, Stickers, & Hats we have it all.  So take a look and if there is an item you want that we have not yet offered definitely let us know!!!

Here’s a few items below (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORE):













We can be contacted directly here: Sizzup at sizzup dot com with questions/comments.

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20th May 2008

Waiting in the Wings


Here are some screenshots for our new and improved Bartender application.



As you can see from the above images we have made some amazing improvements! 

From daily stats (See how many active users there are, searches have been performed & results returned) to significantly better graphics to a more user friendly search engine. Now you can sort by a minimum relevance down to 40% (up to 50 results per page), by user rating and even by date added (Our most recently added drinks).

Coming This Summer 2008!

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1st May 2008

Virtual Breathalyzer

Do you constantly brag to your friends about how drunk you were… compete perhaps over who is the drunkest? Well  just use our new ONLINE BREATHALYZER and see what your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) might be after your big binge! 

Our most recent application will calculate your BAC using a special formula which factors in Age, Height, Weight, Alcohol type, Time period and a number of other factors to calculate how drunk you actually were!  

So check it out and as always please let us know your thoughts so we can perfect the process.  

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23rd January 2008

Check It… New SizzUp Logo

Hope you all enjoy our new official SizzUp Logo!


We are getting closer and closer to our FULL official launch every day.  So continue to use our Beta Version of the Bartender and share your input so we can make it perfect!

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11th January 2008

Drum Roll Please…

You waited and waited, well here it is as promised, the SizzUp Bartender (Beta Version)!

You will now notice at the top of the page there is another menu item called “Bartender”… As I’ve previously explained, this application will help you make glorious concoctions with those ingredients you have sitting in your fridge… Whether you’re having “Bartender’s Block” or just plain bored of the same old Rum and Coke, just plug your ingredients into our mixer and it’ll tell you what ELSE you can make!

Please remember though, the most important thing is your FEEDBACK as this application cannot be perfected without it… So, as my Grandma always said, use it in good health!

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