30th December 2007

SizzUp Applications


As we come closer and closer to the launch (Around Mid-January) I just wanted to prep ya and let you know the types of applications SizzUp will feature:

The Bartender

Our shaker application. As I’ve described in the past, drag and drop the ingredients you have in your home into our virtual shaker and let The Bartender do the rest. If you have 100% of the ingredients for a drink, the drink name and directions will be returned to you! How cool right? What’s even better is if you have less than 100% of the recipe’s for a drink it will still be returned to you on down to a 50% match along with those ingredients you still need to purchase to make the drink.

The Breathalyzer

Since SizzUp does not promote drinking and driving we thought we’d throw a breathalyzer on the site. Enter your height, weight, male or female, and how many drinks you have and your BAC is calculate (DISCLAIMER, be aware, these results may not be the MOST accurate, but its fun none-the-less).

Do It Yourself

Have a drink you would like to have added to our database? Well mix it up here, name it, and submit it, if it doesn’t already exist and we like it, we’ll add it and you might even win something cool to go along with the recognition and self satisfaction that you are doing your part to help intoxicate your peers.

So get excited people because we sure are! As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

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19th December 2007

Bartender Application

It’s been a while since I have actually given you guys an update about how the site is coming along, so here it is… We just recently finished putting together our preliminary bartender application!

That’s right, over the past year we have been doing more than just entertaining you with our little blog.  Behind the scenes we’ve been building the ultimate bartending site, and at the center of it is this bartending application of ours.  We’ve compiled a list of ALL the traditional and non-traditional ingredients that are found in cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike from Tabasco Sauce to Grenadine, Kool-Aid To Vodka.  Next we compiled a list of recipe’s of about 350 or so, covering all the basics with a couple of “fun” drinks thrown in for good measure.  This will be our initial database of cocktails which, with your help, will continue to grow!

Now comes the cool part, our Bartender Application.  Our talented web developer, Lorenzo, built this using flash technology.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You have a choice of the following ingredients:
    • Alcoholic
    • Non-Alcoholic (i.e. Juices, etc…)
    • Extras (i.e. Lemon, Lime, Orange, etc…)
    • Mixers (i.e. Sweet & Sour Mix, Daiquairi Mix)
  2. Pick those items which you have on hand.
  3. Click “Serve it up”

After you run the application a page will open up in the background with a populated list of every drink you can make with the ingredients you have, everything from 100% match on down to a 50% match.  If you do not match the recipe 100% it will also tell you what ingredients you need to go out and buy!

Pretty cool right? I guess you can call it the Alcoholics version of Google.

Expected Launch: Middle of January ’08

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16th June 2007

Off To Israel

So… I’m off to the homeland for about two weeks… And when I get back it will be time to get crackin… We are currently in the process of building our state of the art search engine so that we can succumb to the desires of all our alcoholic readers… I personally am in charge of compiling the data and let me tell you there are some interesting drinks to be included, although there is plenty I am sure I have not thought of… So… Suggestions are still, and always welcome! And as I depart I leave you with a little fun clip just to get you all in that “Judaic” mood. Enjoy!

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9th May 2007

Drink Database

The drink database is coming along strong… The initial database will have roughly 3,000 drinks to start… leaving plenty of room for those creative additions. 


Please feel free to start making suggestions now for us to consider for inclusion in the original database.  Just post a comment to one of our postings and we will be more than happy to take a look and post credit to all contributors on our site at the launch.

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26th April 2007

Site Update

For the curious… Here is an update of where we are at currently… We are building our drink database, the most exciting yet tedious thing.  To start we will compile a small list of the key drinks and a couple fun ones thrown in, such as the ones we have posted to this site.  Suggestions are welcome, just add a comment to this post with the ingredients and drink name and they will be taken into consideration…  After we compile the first 100 drinks we will start to build the site’s search engine and hope to have the first version ready for use by mid-July if not sooner!!!  Thats all for now… In the meantime keep on drinking.

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7th March 2007

A Brief Introduction

Let me start by introducing myself and elaborate a little further on my colleagues first post. My name is Joe, and my partners (Carly and Lorenzo) and I are, as Carly previously stated, starting up this website for all of you out there in need of ideas for that spur of the moment, or “impromptu”, pre-game and the perfect solution for what you may believe is a bare liquor cabinet.

In any case, while we get the site up and going we will update you along the way with our progress, share the occasional story, post the occasional picture and of course share our thoughts on the bars from the area (For those of you in the New York and Philadelphia area, this will of course benefit you the most) and anywhere we might travel.

I will finish by telling you a little about myself and how my associates and I came up with the idea for the website. I am currently living in New York City on the Upper East Side, working for a trading company in midtown. I am a Penn State graduate, and I spent a semester abroad in Australia. If any of you are familiar with Penn State grads, you are familiar with our reputation not only as a great educational institution and football school, but also as one of the premier party schools in the nation. We spent many a night pre-gaming and “inventing” drinks with the cheapest alcohol we could buy, being a poor college student there wasn’t much of a choice. When Busch is considered the elite and Milwaukee’s Best (Beast as we call it) is the norm, hard liquor is a treat no matter what the brand. The cheaper it was the more creative we got, and now, post-college, SizzUp is born.

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5th March 2007

Welcome to sizzup…until we have the actual site up and running we’ll do our best to keep you entertained with our lil blog thingy.  so you’re probably wondering what it is you stumbled into here…well i’ll tell you. this is like the holy grail of drinking/partying websites (or at least it will be when we’re done with it). 

So how do you use this site…this site will help you create glorious concoctions (alcoholic of course) from the random stuff you find laying around in your kitchen; the cure for the impromptu pregame!

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The Bartender
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