3rd September 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Its that time of year again.  This past Labor Day weekend marked the opening weekend for College Football 2008 & this coming Thursday marks the first NFL game featuring the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants vs Division rival the Washington Redskins!

As we all know, when attending games, tailgating is an essential ingredient for the ultimate football experience (College or Pro).  So check out the new equipment below to enhance your experience!



The TableGater hitch-mounted table is an exciting new way to add comfort and convenience to any outside activity whether it is tailgating, camping, or picnicking.

The TableGater table sets up in seconds and provides a spacious 36″ diameter adjustable height surface for meals, games or holding your refreshment.

The best part – They are customizable!

Find it here: http://www.tablegater.com/

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17th July 2008

Random Thought Of The Day

Why is it that when I do a news search for “Beer” more than half the articles that come up are in reference to Australia.

Here are a two of the top three headers from today’s “Beer” Search on Google:

“Pot of beer to hit $4” – In reference to rising Beer Costs in Australia

“Man Spent $1000 a Week on Beer” – See my previous post

I guess with ads like this it’s hard to resist:

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26th April 2008

Brain Food


According to Forbes, beer is good for your brain:

 A 2006 report published in a journal of the American Heart Association showed that moderate drinking may be associated with better cognitive function in women. Likewise, a 2003 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association said that adults over 65 who consume between one and six alcoholic beverages each week have a lower risk of dementia than non-drinkers and heavier drinkers.

So lets go out tonight and knock a few back, you know we’re promoting brain health!

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17th March 2008

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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29th February 2008

The Real 6th Borough

If there was such a thing would be Hoboken, not Philly (Not that I live in either)… Sorry Carly.  Maybe we can give Philly title of “7th Borough”.  I must thank you however as you have provided me with the perfect lead in to what I was about to talk about…


Yes, that’s right, it deserves its own line in this post.  The only day of the year where New Yorkers like me commute to New Jersey to, that’s right, DRINK!  It is like a mass exodus, the subways & path trains are packed all in the “wrong” direction as early as 8 AM on a Saturday.  One might confuse it for a normal work day if it weren’t for the sea of green and smell of cheap beer. 

Now I know what you’re thinking… Its February 29th a full two weeks before St. Patrick’s Day so why do I bring this up now?  Well for those of you who are not aware Hoboken has done something special, something special enough to be worthy of being called the “6th borough”.

Once upon a time, Hoboken, clearly sick of being neglected on the real St. Patrick’s Day (I can only assume), started their own St. Patrick’s Day tradition.  The first Saturday of every March (For those of you who don’t know the date that is tomorrow 3/1/08) Hoboken holds its own parade.  Year by year its popularity has grown.  Now it is one of the biggest party days of the year in the tri-state area, probably even bigger than the night before Thanksgiving. 

Bar lines (CLICK HERE FOR ST. PATRICK’S DAY BAR SPECIALS) extend around the block, house parties galore, and oh yea, there is a parade as well. 

I recommend the house parties, even if you don’t know the person, do it the college way… Walk on in and pretend like you belong!

So, if you think you can handle it, wake up early tomorrow and make the “opposite” commute to the “6th borough” and enjoy!


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4th February 2008

Mardi Gras


As you may or may not yet be aware, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras. So in the spirit of one of our favorite holidays why don’t you sit down and make yourself a Mardi Gras Flasher. It will make you feel like you’re actually there (ok maybe not its almost impossible to create that big of a party in just one drink…so maybe have two). Enjoy!


2 shots dark rum

6 shots Ginger Ale

1 tsp grenadine

Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves!

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22nd January 2008

wino not in rehab…

In celebrity booze news:

Newly blonde Amy Winehouse is out of rehab and spotted around town sporting her new ‘do, and shouting messages of love to her jailed husband…

Amy Winehouse's Alleged Crack Habit on Camera

Also out of rehab: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie way to go girls

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11th December 2007

booze related gifts

So  i’ve been racking my brain for good presents for people and here is my holiday gift guide for the drunk in your life…

Official beer pong glove (www.urbanoutfitters.com) –for the college student

 beer of the month club (www.amazingbeerclub.com)- 12 microbrews delivered to your door each month–for dad

 gravity magnetic shot glasses–anyone!


free form wine rack (www.satinbox.com)- mom or auntie or that wino you love


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21st September 2007

My Favorite Time of Year…

The rapid approach of the fall season means one thing… The sports gods are smiling down upon us… As the baseball season comes to a close (with the postseason just around the corner)we are blessed with the good fortune of the start of a new College and Pro Football Season… There is nothing better!  So what does this mean for the average sports fan?  Tailgates… Lots and lots of tailgates! Of course this is only true if you are lucky enough to get to a game, however, in this day and age, do you really need to GET to the game… I don’t see any reason why you can’t have just as much fun drinking and BBQ’ing in your back yard with the game on the big screen… With HDTV and the following recipe’s, you can’t NOT have a good time!


1 oz tequila
1 oz
1 oz
1 oz
1 oz
1 oz sour mix
A Splash of tonic water


In a large shaker half filled with ice combine all ingredients except tonic water. Strain into four shot glasses. Top with tonic water. Can be enjoyed like straight tequila shots except use a lick of sugar instead of salt, swallow shooter then suck lime. (Makes four 1 1/2-ounce servings)

False Start:

4 oz apple cider
2 oz bourbon
1 oz apple brandy
1/2 lemon


In a shaker filled with cracked ice, squeeze juice of lemon.  Shake well with cider and spirits.  Strain into two rocks glasses filled with ice cubes. (Makes two 4-oz servings)

First and Ten:

3 oz gin
2 oz
orange juice
2 oz
pineapple juice
2 oz
grapefruit juice
2 oz
cranberry juice
2 oz
lemon juice
2 oz
lime juice
dash grenadine 
splash soda water or seltzer
Top off with dark rum

Combine all fruit juices in a large shaker half filled with ice.  Strain into two Collins Glasses filled with ice.  Top with grenadine, soda, water, and rum. (Makes two 9-oz servings).

Above are just a few of the recipe’s I’ve had the pleasure of trying out myself, however the complete list can be found here – Tailgate Recipe’s.

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10th September 2007

Big 10 Scoreboard… Week 2

Saturday, September 8th Results:

OSU 20, Akron 2

Northwestern 36, Nevada 31

Michigan State 28, Bowling Green 17

Minn 41, Miami (OH) 35

Purdue 52, Eastern Ill. 6

Oregon 39, Michigan 7

PSU 31, Notre Dame 10

Ill. 21, Western Ill. 0

Indiana 37, Western Michigan 27

Iowa 35, Syracuse 0

Wisconsin 20, UNLV 13

Notice anything??? Thats right… Michigan was the ONLY Big 10 team to LOSE in week 2 of the NCAA 2007 season.  Off to an 0-2 start, at HOME no less (First time since 1959), Michigan’s season outlook is bleak considering they still have yet to hit their “more challenging” games this season.

 Upcoming Big 10 Schedule: 

9/22 VS. No 12 PSU

11/10 VS. No. 7 Wisconsin

11/17 VS. No. 10 OSU

Michigan’s schockingly “off” start to the 2007 season has not gone unmatched however as Notre Dame has also begun 0-2.  With their match-up next Sat. 9/15, the race to 0-3 is on between these two perennial “powerhouses”.


A Mind-Eraser or 20 should help “Black-Out” the potential horrendous season…


1.0 Part Club Soda

1.0 Part Coffee Liqueur

1.0 Part Vodka


Layer the Fodka, Coffee Liqueur, and then club soda over ice.  Drink through a wide straw all at once.

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