1st October 2008

VP Edition


Palen vs Biden… The woman who refers to herself as the “Hot Hockey Mom”, with just a few years of governement “experience” under her belt… In ALASKA…  Whose only international experience appears to be her proximity to Russia (Apparently you can “actually see Russian from land in Alaska”) vs Biden, a long time member of the Foreign Relations Committee and government experience dating back to 1973!

Does anyone question who is going to win this debate? Probably not.  But you can still enjoy it with these simple rules:

Revised Rules For the VP Debate

1 - Every time Gwen Ifill is confused by one of Palin’s responses drink for one second 

2 – Every time Palin/Biden/Ifill use the term “Hockey Mom” – drink for two seconds. 

3 – Every time Palin misinterprets a question, or fails to refute Biden’s response – drink for two seconds (This rule might get you a tad tipsy).


  • Palin cites her proximity to Russia – Finish your drink
  • Biden takes “cheap” shot/chuckles at Palin – Take a shot
  • If Biden points out that despite being less than 1/100th the size, Delaware has more people than Alaska – finish your drink.
  • Palin “wins” debate – Go on a 7 day drinking binge and move to Canada

If you have anything to add, please comment.

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23rd September 2008

Debate 2008 – Drinking Edition


I’ve been inspired by Obama and John McCain over the past few months… By Obama’s promises for “change” and McCain’s ability to select a running mate with less knowledge of international affairs than an elementary school 5th grader, I’ve been inspired!  So inspired I’ve taken the time to create this drinking game just in time for the first 2008 Presidential debate (Sep 26th). 


1 - Every time the audience claps – drink for one second 

2 – Every time Obama, or any other candidate, mentions the words change, hope, or the phrase “yes we can” – drink for two seconds. 

3 – Every time McCain refers to Obama’s inexperience – drink for two seconds.

4 – For every question referring to the war in Iraq (on terror) - drink for two seconds.


  • The issue of race is brought up – Finish your drink
  • The issue of age is brought up – Finish your drink
  • McCain is questioned for his choice of Palin as a running mate – Take a shot
  • Obama is questioned about his relationship with his reverend – Take a shot

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11th September 2008

Beer Olympics

Saturday Sept. 13, 2008, the Manayunk Brewery (AKA. the Brew Pub) will be hosting the 2nd Annual Beer Olympics.  Read below for more details.

Twenty four-person teams will compete in a sextathalon of beer-related events that test knowledge, skill and tasting abilities.  Teams choose their countries and dress in respective garb to vie for the coveted Spirit Award.  “Gold, silver and bronze” medals are awarded to the top teams along with other prizes.

To sign up, visit : http://www.rollingbarrel.com//

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28th August 2008

Poolside Pong

Just in time for the end of Summer!


These guys have somehow made a great drinking game even better!

Cups constantly falling off the table? Poolside Pong has slots for each cup so they don’t shift during play.

Is it Summer time? Enjoying your time in the pool? Well Poolside Pong makes it so you never have to get out!

Buy it here: Poolsidepong.com

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10th July 2008

From ‘Beer Pong’ To ‘Pong Toss’

It seems a “crisis” has been averted as “Beer Pong” has become ‘Pong Toss’ (See “Rated ‘T’ for Teen” Post). 

Sure it still has the same premise as Beer Pong however all references to alcohol have been removed from the game. That is the only way the game could reasonably be marketed to teens yet it is still receiving cold stares from critics who say that it is just a way for teens to practice for Beer Pong before they get to college.

Well let me tell all you people a thing or two about the game of Beer Pong… If you think a video game called “Pong Toss” can prepare you for the real thing you simply haven’t played the game.  There are too many factors to take into account when actually playing the game that you do not have to adjust for when playing a video game:
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8th July 2008

Rated “T” For Teen

It seems that Connecticut’s attorney general isn’t happy that a video game called “Frat Party Games: Beer Pong” was rated suitable for children as young as 13.

“Beer Pong” is a downloadable game for the world’s newest cult gaming platform the Nintendo Wii.

This is one of the few “alcohol” related complaints I actually agree with, although I do feel ratings on video games are futile at best. I know that when I was a child video game ratings were never paid attention to by my parents. If they didn’t want me playing a game, as in Mortal Kombat (I think this was the only game they didn’t want me playing), they just wouldn’t let me have it. The rating had absolutely nothing to do for it.

The onus of responsibility when it comes to these things SHOULD lie with the parents rather than the video game developers, although I cannot fathom how a game entitled “Beer Pong” can be rated “T” for Teen when the drinking age is 21, seems like pure stupidity! Clearly whoever rated this game lacks some serious common sense.

Hopefully they re-rate and re-release this game though – I’d sure like to play!

(Source: Fox News)

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26th June 2008

Anything Can Be Turned Into a Drinking Game


As always I was scouring the net today for fun facts, stories, events, etc… having to do with the drinking world we love so dearly and I stumbled upon GOLD!

The NBA Draft Drinking Game (Source: CinemaBlend.com, by Mack Rawden)

Now when the Knicks (Insert your team here) trade away their 1st round pick for a failed, overpaid NBA Vet that will put them over the cap (who has yet to reach his potential), you can at least have some solace in the fact that THIS draft will soon be a blacked out memory never to resurface!  (THANK GOD ISIAH THOMAS IS GONE!)

1): For the first fourteen picks, each player must predict which athlete will be chosen before David Stern walks on stage. Any incorrect guess earns the offending fortune teller a five second drink.
2): After the first fourteen picks, each player may predict which athlete will be chosen before David Stern walks on stage. Any correct guess allows said player to force an opponent to drink for five seconds.
3): Each player must choose a different major collegiate conference and drink for five seconds whenever someone is drafted from said chosen conference.

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29th May 2008

Drinking Scrabble

Drinking Scrabble SizzUpDrinking is one thing, making it a game is another. In this case, we were looking into finding something different from all these casual drinking games. To be honest with you, we just enjoy drinking, more so playing along! Scrabble is a nice game, definitely played by everyone. If you don’t know how to play, well, the rules are kinda simple, and once you get the flow, nothing’s gonna stop ya!

We decided to take the rules to the next level, make it a ‘real’ game, or maybe a pre-game! Read the rest of this entry »

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4th April 2008

The Van Wilder Drinking Game


Now, I can’t take credit for this one, all props go out to my friend Adam. I have never met anyone who loves drinking games or theme parties more than this guy. After a recent visit, reminiscing about our college days, a round of Van Wilder was suggested. So with out further ado, I present you the Van Wilder drinking game. Pairing a classic college movie with a favorite college pastime.

How to play:

– Buy or rent National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

– Gather friends and lots of booze

– Watch movie and take a shot, everytime someone says “write that down”

(shots can be of beer, mixed drink and for the alcoholics straight up liquor)

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30th January 2008

What kind of Alcohol are You???

You Are Rum

You’re the life of the party, and a total flirt
You are also pretty picky about what you drink
Only the finest labels and best mixed cocktails will do
Except if you’re dieting – then it’s Diet Coke and Bicardi all the way

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

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