29th January 2008

Faceball brought you by our favorite guys at Flickr

Ever wish you could just throw something at one of your co-workers??  Well if you worked at Flickr you could do just that…in fact not only do they encourage it, they have turned it into an actual game: Faceball! 


To check out the Official Rules visit Faceball: your face, our balls

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16th October 2007

Anything Can Be Turned Into A Drinking Game

Namely, video games… Video games are quite simply the easiest thing to turn into the fiercest of drinking competitions. 

The game must be multiplayer of course, preferrably up to four players (unless you want to get ambitious and link multiple systems together), the more the merrier right?!

In college we used to use the old school Nintendo 64 system where games like Bond, Mario Cart, & Mario Tennis (This was my favorite) lend themselves very nicely to the cause. 

Mario Cart


Great on Nintendo 64 and now Gamecube because 4 controller ports allow for more players.

Rules: Points are awarded per race and how much you drink depends on where you finish.  For example, the person who comes in first is awarded 4 points.  Each point equals 1 quarter of a beer, or of your drink if you are drinking a mixed drink.  So that person can make one person drink their entire beer, 2 people drink half, and so on and so forth. Second place is worth 2 points, and third and fourth have the pleasure of drinking as the losers always should.  Simple enough right?



Another fan favorite, this game is simple. Again the 4 player options lends itself well to the cause.

Rules: Everytime you die you drink (how much is up to you).  At the end of the round the same system as above applies.  The winner gets 4 points and second place gets 2.

Mario Tennis


So I’ve saved the best for last.  We used to play this game for hours before we went out, and often times it was the reason we did not make it out!

Best played in doubles mode (2 vs. 2) in rings, and rings only as this variation of the game lends itself perfectly for such a cause.

Rules: Play the game to 200 rings (ends when one team accumulates 200 rings/points).  Each ring counts as “a drink”.  “A Drink” is classified as however you deem it, on second, one chug, etc… At the end of the point whomever wins the point will accumulate a certain amount of rings based on how many rings the ball goes through throughout the rally, whether it be 1 or 20. For each ring the one’s who lose the point must drink that amount of rings split between the two players… 200 rings… You do the math… A few games of this and you’re set for the night, perhaps the weekend!

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11th October 2007

Zoom, Schwartz, Pafigliano

One of the most fun, yet complicated drinking games out there… Not complicated because it requires any sort of physical skill, it doesn’t… Its the mental requirement that causes one’s downfall in this game.

The game begins by one person saying ‘Zoom’ to another. A ‘Zoom’ is like the ‘serve’ in the game of tennis – it gets the game started. Once ‘Zoom’ is said, the only two people that are allowed to say anything are the person that said Zoom (The ‘Zoomer’) and the person that he said Zoom to (the ‘Zoomie’).

At this point the person that was ‘Zoomed’ has three choices:

  1. He may say ‘Schwarz’ back to the person that ‘Zoomed’ him.
  2. He may say ‘Pafigliano’ to anyone except the person that ‘Zoomed’ him.
  3. He may say ‘Zoom’ to anyone except the person that ‘Zoomed’ him.

If he says ‘Schwarz’, the person he responded to is presented with the same three choices as above – He may either ‘Schwarz’ him back, or say ‘Zoom’ or ‘Pafigliano’ to somebody else.

If he says ‘Pafigliano’, this counts as an ‘indirect schwarz’. It is treated as if the said ‘schwarz’.

If he says ‘Zoom’, the game continues with the new ‘Zoomer’ and ‘Zoomie’ – the person that was Zoomed must respond with one of the three options presented above.

So where’s the drinking element? Well this comes up when a someone makes a mistake… This happens when a person who has been ‘Pafiglianoed’ answers back for example, someone who has been ‘Schwartzed’ doesn”t answer, or when no response is made in an adequate amount of time (up to your discretion of course)… Drinking rules should be made before the game, i.e. for every mistake you owe 2 seconds of drinking, quarter of a beer, half a beer, etc…

For a quick recap a ‘Zoom’ initiates, ‘Pafigliano’ is a fake, ‘Schwartz’ keeps the dialogue going between the same two people…

Now, since I know this might be a little hard to follow (Just imagine after a few drinks how confusing this can be) I will run through a brief example:

#1 —–ZOOM—–> #2 (Player #2 Must Repsond)
#2 —-SCHWARZ—> #1 (Player #1 Must Repsond)
#1 —-SCHWARZ—> #2 (Player #2 Must Repsond)
#2 —-SCHWARZ—> #1 (Player #1 Must Repsond)
#1 –PAFIGLIANO–> #3 (Player #2 Must Repsond)
#2 —-SCHWARZ—> #1 (Player #1 Must Repsond)

#2 —–ZOOM—–> #3 (Player #3 Must Repsond)
#3 —-SCHWARZ—> #2 (Player #2 Must Repsond)
#2 —-SCHWARZ—> #3 (Player #3 Must Repsond)
#3 —–ZOOM—–> #1 (Player #1 Must Repsond)

Pretty easy right?

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10th April 2007

Vino Martes

It started off as nothing at all… Bored on a Tuesday some brothers of ACACIA fraternity, Penn State Chapter, decided to have a wine tasting of sorts. There were four of them, so four bottles. This was the FIRST Tuesday of many to come.

Tuesday #2 – A variation of Texas Hold-em is created to help decide who drinks and how much. Everyone is dealt two Cards face up and a glass of wine, two a person followed by the flop, turn and river cards, winner chugs their glass of wine. This variation was officially dubbed “Vino Martes”.

Tuesday #3 – This day, the wine is polished off “too quickly” and more alcohol is needed… So they go and find whatever they can get their hands on… Gin, Vodka, Tequila, whatever… I was told the Lichen Schnapps was the worst (Even the lichen at the bottom was swallowed).

Tuesday #4 – The Culligan (Yes that is the machine that is meant for big jugs of Poland Spring bottles) is put to an alternative use. Multiple bottles of wine are purchased until one full Poland Spring Bottle can be filled to the brim with wine and than dispensed through the Culligan machine.

Tuesday #5 – Bypassed due to recovery from Tuesday #4.

… And that is the story of “Vino Martes.” A new reason to drink on that random day that falls somewhat in the middle of the week.

Useful Ingredients:

Culligan Machine, LOTS of wine, Deck of Cards, and preferably no class and/or work the next day.

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