30th March 2007

Moose Juice

Now this is a “college special” if I’ve ever heard one.

Moose Juice


30 pack of any cheap Ice Beer

A bottle of Grain Alcohol

A handle of any cheap Vodka

A bottle of Sprite\7 UP\Sierra Mist

Lemonade mix – Enough for a 5 gallon jug


Pour all ingredients along with a bag or two of ice into a 5 gallon water cooler as you did with the Blue Juice Recipe below. If you lack a 5 Gallon water cooler you may replace with bathtub or garbage can. Stir, Pour, and beware.

*DISCLAIMER* Drink was created by college students for college students. Not responsible for that ambitious alumni who still thinks he/she can “hang out”.

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23rd March 2007

The “UJ” Special

The “UJ” Special, appropriately named for my Uncle John who told me this mix, will be especially enjoyed by those of you who who enjoyed the “Cherry Bomb”, and maybe want to try an alternative fruit.


1 Litre or 1 Handle of Vodka

1 Can of Pineapples


Take a litre or a Handle Bottle and Pour is into a Glass bowl. Add the chunks of pineapples, fresh works better than canned (if canned drain the pineapple juice). Let is sit for 5 days. Delish! Shaken up cold and served up in a Martini glass or in the case of the poor college student, a paper cup!

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19th March 2007

How To Acquire a Keg in NYC

For those of you who live in or are familiar with NYC you might be accustomed to the fact that there is NOWHERE to buy a keg in NYC.  Whether or not you question it, have come to accept it, or it just hasn’t occurred to you yet, I am here to tell you, keep the dream alive, it is possible!

Over the weekend I was at a friend’s apartment for St. Patrick’s day “Kegs and Eggs”.  Now as you’re all aware this does not literally mean “Kegs” and “Eggs”, but simply Alcohol and Food.  In this case however the title held true.

I felt the need to inquire… Turns out one of the girls was dating a bartender.  This bartender was offered a (1/2) keg at wholesale ($45) from this lovely establishment… Carried it up a flight of stairs from the basement of the bar by himself the morning of St. Patrick’s day (gf was late in helping him), gf and he then loaded the keg into the trunk of a cab… Upon arriving, lugged it triumphantly up the stairs to the apartment where it was soon kicked (3 hours later)… 

So yes, this economical alternative, to the usual 12 packs that are common place in NYC (Cases are apparently a rare find as well), can be made a reality for you too!  Just make friends (or date) with a bartender.

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16th March 2007

The Maraschino Cherry Special – “Cherry Bomb”

A St. Patty’s day treat, the Maraschino Cherry Bomb.

Maraschino Cherry Jar

St. Patty’s day ’02, esteemed older “brother” Brian Slattery (Slat) had had these Cherry’s soaking in a jar for about a month, what in? Grain… yes it seems that all my recipe’s will include grain considering 2 of 2 now have included this “ambitious” form of alcohol, but moving forward I promise to mix it up a bit more.

1 Fifth Grain Alcohol
48 oz. Maraschino Cherries
Place 6 8oz jars of cherries (drained), mixed with EVERCLEAR into sealable canister for approx. 1 month (you can soak longer if you so choose)

To drown out flavor of Everclear, put one cherry in shot glass, and fill with sprite or 7up.
Take cherry and soda into mouth at same time, chew cherry, and swallow all together.

This preparation time may seem a bit long, and as St. Patty’s day is tomorrow it is clearly not possible to complete by then. But put this recipe aside for those special occasions, graduations, birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, or just prepare them and set them aside for those impromptu parties and enjoy!

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16th March 2007

the cure to the common hangover

so i don’t know if i mentioned it yet, but i am newly obsessed with bloglines, its awesome if you don’t know what it is check it out.  ok well the real point is, i am now an avid reader of joshspear.com he provides a good mix of all things cool and with st. pattys day tomorrow (the ultimate drinking holiday) i thought i’d pass along his tip, i’m sure you’ll all appreciate it sunday morning.


There are a lot of products out there that purport to “cure your hangover,” and none I’ve tried have cured mine. I think the only true cure for head-pounding after-drinking death is to not poison your body in the first place– but for many of us, that type of sober behavior is simply not an option. So I think the best that these products can do for us is to alleviate our hangover symptoms. If that’s the test we’re working with, The Cure Drink works well. The ’secret’ ingredients in this product, well, aren’t so secret, but they work: proprietary blend of B and C vitamins, sugars, electrolytes, effervescence, and milk thistle gets me to the point where I can at least half-function. And for all of those questions you have about your hangover– after all, it’s natural that people question things that are so bad, Dr. Hangover is there to answer. Interestingly, San Diegoan Chris Dennler from the Rxmance Clothing label is the VP of sales and marketing for the Cure Drink. Funny– I did some work for B-Clear, another SD based hangover-helper, when I lived down there a few years ago. There sure was a lot of boozing going on down there, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence!

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14th March 2007

erin express

well i know you all think that nyc is the place to be for st. pattys but let me tell you philly is where its at!  the erin express (a city wide and city organized pub crawl) is only the best idea anyone ever had and we definitely need to think of ways to incorporate it into more holidays or random weekends.  basically its an old school free yellow school bus that takes you to a bunch of the irish pubs around town that have coinciding drink specials.  it goes all day which is awesome we over here at sizzup lovee afternoon drinking almost as much as we love outside drinking (must be all those days spent at the cafe–yea psu)… i went on the pre run last weekend  (i missed the test run the weekend before unfortunately)  and boy did it make me miss college.  and in true bar tour fashion, groups make their own tees, beads are in abundance and intoxicated penn state chants arise (yes we are in philadelphia) and i cant wait to do the real thing this saturday…see you there!

ps probably one of the best shirts i saw last weekend…”too old for college, not the erin express”

i’ll bring you updates on the official run next week!

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8th March 2007

The First of Many More to Come – Recipe Numero Uno

It was summer after sophomore year 2002. We were bored of the usual Natty Light/Boxed Wine pre-game and something had to be done so we came up with this beautiful concoction.

“Blue” Juice:


Water Jug (the bigger the better)


Lots of Ice

2 – Containers of the Hawaiian Punch Mix (powder) – Any flavor will do, but best made with Bodacious Berry for that special blue effect.

1 – Handle of Vodka – Tastes delicious no matter what cheap vodka you use – (Grain Alcohol for those who feel more ambitious – If you choose to use grain I do recommend the 750 ml vs. the handle, but the choice is yours)

2 – 2-liter bottles of Sprite/7 UP/Sierra Mist

Fill the remainder of the container up with water


1 – Add Ice

2 – Pour in the 2 containers of Hawaiian Punch mix

3 – Add the Absolute/Grain Alcohol

4 – Add the 2-liter bottles of Sprite/7 up/Sierra Mist

5 – Fill the rest up with water and stir.

*Disclaimer*May cause blackout. SizzUp is not responsible for drunken phone calls, imprisonment, or that “special” someone that you may wake up to in the morning that you “swore” was a perfect 10 the night before.

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7th March 2007

A Brief Introduction

Let me start by introducing myself and elaborate a little further on my colleagues first post. My name is Joe, and my partners (Carly and Lorenzo) and I are, as Carly previously stated, starting up this website for all of you out there in need of ideas for that spur of the moment, or “impromptu”, pre-game and the perfect solution for what you may believe is a bare liquor cabinet.

In any case, while we get the site up and going we will update you along the way with our progress, share the occasional story, post the occasional picture and of course share our thoughts on the bars from the area (For those of you in the New York and Philadelphia area, this will of course benefit you the most) and anywhere we might travel.

I will finish by telling you a little about myself and how my associates and I came up with the idea for the website. I am currently living in New York City on the Upper East Side, working for a trading company in midtown. I am a Penn State graduate, and I spent a semester abroad in Australia. If any of you are familiar with Penn State grads, you are familiar with our reputation not only as a great educational institution and football school, but also as one of the premier party schools in the nation. We spent many a night pre-gaming and “inventing” drinks with the cheapest alcohol we could buy, being a poor college student there wasn’t much of a choice. When Busch is considered the elite and Milwaukee’s Best (Beast as we call it) is the norm, hard liquor is a treat no matter what the brand. The cheaper it was the more creative we got, and now, post-college, SizzUp is born.

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5th March 2007

Welcome to sizzup…until we have the actual site up and running we’ll do our best to keep you entertained with our lil blog thingy.  so you’re probably wondering what it is you stumbled into here…well i’ll tell you. this is like the holy grail of drinking/partying websites (or at least it will be when we’re done with it). 

So how do you use this site…this site will help you create glorious concoctions (alcoholic of course) from the random stuff you find laying around in your kitchen; the cure for the impromptu pregame!

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