7th March 2007

A Brief Introduction

Let me start by introducing myself and elaborate a little further on my colleagues first post. My name is Joe, and my partners (Carly and Lorenzo) and I are, as Carly previously stated, starting up this website for all of you out there in need of ideas for that spur of the moment, or “impromptu”, pre-game and the perfect solution for what you may believe is a bare liquor cabinet.

In any case, while we get the site up and going we will update you along the way with our progress, share the occasional story, post the occasional picture and of course share our thoughts on the bars from the area (For those of you in the New York and Philadelphia area, this will of course benefit you the most) and anywhere we might travel.

I will finish by telling you a little about myself and how my associates and I came up with the idea for the website. I am currently living in New York City on the Upper East Side, working for a trading company in midtown. I am a Penn State graduate, and I spent a semester abroad in Australia. If any of you are familiar with Penn State grads, you are familiar with our reputation not only as a great educational institution and football school, but also as one of the premier party schools in the nation. We spent many a night pre-gaming and “inventing” drinks with the cheapest alcohol we could buy, being a poor college student there wasn’t much of a choice. When Busch is considered the elite and Milwaukee’s Best (Beast as we call it) is the norm, hard liquor is a treat no matter what the brand. The cheaper it was the more creative we got, and now, post-college, SizzUp is born.

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