8th March 2007

The First of Many More to Come – Recipe Numero Uno

It was summer after sophomore year 2002. We were bored of the usual Natty Light/Boxed Wine pre-game and something had to be done so we came up with this beautiful concoction.

“Blue” Juice:


Water Jug (the bigger the better)


Lots of Ice

2 – Containers of the Hawaiian Punch Mix (powder) – Any flavor will do, but best made with Bodacious Berry for that special blue effect.

1 – Handle of Vodka – Tastes delicious no matter what cheap vodka you use – (Grain Alcohol for those who feel more ambitious – If you choose to use grain I do recommend the 750 ml vs. the handle, but the choice is yours)

2 – 2-liter bottles of Sprite/7 UP/Sierra Mist

Fill the remainder of the container up with water


1 – Add Ice

2 – Pour in the 2 containers of Hawaiian Punch mix

3 – Add the Absolute/Grain Alcohol

4 – Add the 2-liter bottles of Sprite/7 up/Sierra Mist

5 – Fill the rest up with water and stir.

*Disclaimer*May cause blackout. SizzUp is not responsible for drunken phone calls, imprisonment, or that “special” someone that you may wake up to in the morning that you “swore” was a perfect 10 the night before.

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