16th March 2007

The Maraschino Cherry Special – “Cherry Bomb”

A St. Patty’s day treat, the Maraschino Cherry Bomb.

Maraschino Cherry Jar

St. Patty’s day ’02, esteemed older “brother” Brian Slattery (Slat) had had these Cherry’s soaking in a jar for about a month, what in? Grain… yes it seems that all my recipe’s will include grain considering 2 of 2 now have included this “ambitious” form of alcohol, but moving forward I promise to mix it up a bit more.

1 Fifth Grain Alcohol
48 oz. Maraschino Cherries
Place 6 8oz jars of cherries (drained), mixed with EVERCLEAR into sealable canister for approx. 1 month (you can soak longer if you so choose)

To drown out flavor of Everclear, put one cherry in shot glass, and fill with sprite or 7up.
Take cherry and soda into mouth at same time, chew cherry, and swallow all together.

This preparation time may seem a bit long, and as St. Patty’s day is tomorrow it is clearly not possible to complete by then. But put this recipe aside for those special occasions, graduations, birthdays, Cinco de Mayo, or just prepare them and set them aside for those impromptu parties and enjoy!

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16th March 2007

the cure to the common hangover

so i don’t know if i mentioned it yet, but i am newly obsessed with bloglines, its awesome if you don’t know what it is check it out.  ok well the real point is, i am now an avid reader of joshspear.com he provides a good mix of all things cool and with st. pattys day tomorrow (the ultimate drinking holiday) i thought i’d pass along his tip, i’m sure you’ll all appreciate it sunday morning.


There are a lot of products out there that purport to “cure your hangover,” and none I’ve tried have cured mine. I think the only true cure for head-pounding after-drinking death is to not poison your body in the first place– but for many of us, that type of sober behavior is simply not an option. So I think the best that these products can do for us is to alleviate our hangover symptoms. If that’s the test we’re working with, The Cure Drink works well. The ’secret’ ingredients in this product, well, aren’t so secret, but they work: proprietary blend of B and C vitamins, sugars, electrolytes, effervescence, and milk thistle gets me to the point where I can at least half-function. And for all of those questions you have about your hangover– after all, it’s natural that people question things that are so bad, Dr. Hangover is there to answer. Interestingly, San Diegoan Chris Dennler from the Rxmance Clothing label is the VP of sales and marketing for the Cure Drink. Funny– I did some work for B-Clear, another SD based hangover-helper, when I lived down there a few years ago. There sure was a lot of boozing going on down there, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence!

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