26th April 2007

Site Update

For the curious… Here is an update of where we are at currently… We are building our drink database, the most exciting yet tedious thing.  To start we will compile a small list of the key drinks and a couple fun ones thrown in, such as the ones we have posted to this site.  Suggestions are welcome, just add a comment to this post with the ingredients and drink name and they will be taken into consideration…  After we compile the first 100 drinks we will start to build the site’s search engine and hope to have the first version ready for use by mid-July if not sooner!!!  Thats all for now… In the meantime keep on drinking.

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10th April 2007

Vino Martes

It started off as nothing at all… Bored on a Tuesday some brothers of ACACIA fraternity, Penn State Chapter, decided to have a wine tasting of sorts. There were four of them, so four bottles. This was the FIRST Tuesday of many to come.

Tuesday #2 – A variation of Texas Hold-em is created to help decide who drinks and how much. Everyone is dealt two Cards face up and a glass of wine, two a person followed by the flop, turn and river cards, winner chugs their glass of wine. This variation was officially dubbed “Vino Martes”.

Tuesday #3 – This day, the wine is polished off “too quickly” and more alcohol is needed… So they go and find whatever they can get their hands on… Gin, Vodka, Tequila, whatever… I was told the Lichen Schnapps was the worst (Even the lichen at the bottom was swallowed).

Tuesday #4 – The Culligan (Yes that is the machine that is meant for big jugs of Poland Spring bottles) is put to an alternative use. Multiple bottles of wine are purchased until one full Poland Spring Bottle can be filled to the brim with wine and than dispensed through the Culligan machine.

Tuesday #5 – Bypassed due to recovery from Tuesday #4.

… And that is the story of “Vino Martes.” A new reason to drink on that random day that falls somewhat in the middle of the week.

Useful Ingredients:

Culligan Machine, LOTS of wine, Deck of Cards, and preferably no class and/or work the next day.

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3rd April 2007

back to square one


Jumping on the organic train…the people at square one now make organic vodka.  Yep you read that right! Square One Organic Vodka has very crisp notes with a subtle finish, making it a great base for a complex drink as well as superb stand-alone standard. Its overall pureness is the result of the organic process done right.

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3rd April 2007

are you an innie or an outie?


Kinda like a belly button…your glasses can come with innies or outies now.  This new design features the handle inside the glass, creating a whole new drinking experience. Read the entire article below borrowed from our friends at joshspear.com 

“Dedos” may mean “fingers” in Portuguese, but it means innovative design the world of kitchenware concepts. Using shot glass design as inspiration, Felipe Zanardi is changing the actual drinking experience. Zanardi, a Brazilian designer, has changed glassware by putting the handle inside the glass, so it actually becomes part of you. Connect with your favorite liquid of choice, creating a whole new experience– could this design be the next step to revolutionizing branding differentiation in beverages? Find out soon. The Dedos design will be available in a couple months in Brazil, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available stateside.

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3rd April 2007

so good it will make you grin outloud


Triumph held their grand opening in Philadelphia last friday, with 8 beers brewed on premises.  What better way to celebrate the gorgeous weather than with a nice cold (free) beer.  Specialty cocktails were also flowing freely but being a brewery opening and all, I did my civic duty and tasted all 8.  My two favorites were definately the honey wheat and the amber ale (but I suggest if you ever go you taste them all too.  They offer a great sampler on their drink menu).  Along with the great drinks the space is awesome, with both an upstairs and downstairs bar area and separate dining area.  Check it out if you’re ever in Philadelphia–Triumph boasts a series of events to come including lotsa live music!  What a great addition to the Old City scene!

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