31st August 2007

beer for women

so you know i’m a woman and i dont like girlie drinks (just ask the boys), if i’m drinking beer i drink real beer not girlie crap, if i’m having a mixed drink i have a vodka and club soda not one of those fruity concoctions…but i guess thats just because i went to a good college…

 apparantly the makers of heineken dont think their beer attracts enough women so they came up with this….


yep thats right its like beer combined with cider…women what do you think???

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31st August 2007

football season means only one thing

drinking alot of course…esp. my favorite tailgating…for those of you who need to be sneaky about your drinking habits this is your thing

beer belly

check out your very own beer belly here

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31st August 2007

why didnt we think of this

such a great idea, thanks to our friends at psfk who found this first…pocket shots

better than a flask these bad boys come in a variety of different liquors…for all those times you just need a drink….

pocket shots

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