19th September 2007

This Brings Me Back…

Back to my college days…  I was talking to a buddy from college earlier and we were reminiscing about some of the drinks we used to make, and this is one that stood out to both of us…

The Flaming Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Shot

1 Can of Cheap Beer (I suggest Busch or Milwaukee’s Best)

1 oz. Amaretto

0.5 oz. Bacardi 151 


Pour Amaretto into a shot glass. Top off with the Bacardi 151.  Pour the beer into a tall glass.  Light the shot on fire (This is what the Bacardi 151 is for) and drop it in the beer and chug.  Tastes just like Dr. Pepper and cheap to make… The perfect college special.

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19th September 2007

I Think We’ve All Been Here…

Ladies I’m quite sure the opposite is true as well!

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