28th September 2007


Amazing how no matter how old you are Friday might just be the greatest day of the week, unless you are one of those unfortunate souls that work in a Hotel/Restaurant or any other job that requires you to be in on the weekend…  I don’t think the “Friday” mentality exists for you folks.

In any case, for the more traditional New York City workers and college undergrads, where Friday means something, I have something you might find useful… An update to my NYC Happy Hour list in case you didn’t damage your liver enough on Thursday:

Same Deal as Thursday Night: 

Bar Coastal

12 Inch Bar

Big Easy

Cheap Shots

Down the Hatch

Gin Mill

Ship of Fools


Marty O’Brien’s


Mo’s Caribbean



New Additions: 

Society – $15 open bar (5pm-8pm) LaGuardia (Bleeker/W.3rd)

Show – Free admission before 11, open bar (10pm-11pm) 41 (Broadway/6th)

Snitch -$13 wing bucket & Rheingold bucket (6pm-11pm) (5th/6th)

Big Six – Free jello shots (8pm-9pm) Bowery (Hester/Grand)

Keybar – 2 for 1 drinks (6pm-10pm); $3 shots (10-close) E.13th (1st/A)

Mad River – $5 at the door and all drinks are $1 (7pm-10pm) 82nd/3rd


A couple repeats from Thursday, but a couple nice additions to start your weekend off right.

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