22nd October 2007

The “Champagne Brunch”

Ever needed an excuse to wake up Sunday morning, drink Mimosas, and eat Eggs, Pancakes, French Toast, or whatever your personal breakfast choice may be?  Enter the “Champagne Brunch”…


In college, minimum once a semester, we would host such an event.  Only we didn’t limit ourselves to just Champagne, but instead to a fully stocked bar, and an endless breakfast buffet starting at 10 AM on a Sunday morning. 

How To Get It Done:

  • Create the invite list.  In college things were easy as we would just make it a “dated” event or invite a sorority or two (I mean who is going to turn down such an event??). 
  • Create the menu… All your favorite breakfast foods apply.  Might I suggest a large fruit tray (Strawberries, perhaps chocolate covered are also a great addition), and endless stack of pancakes, perhaps a create your own omelet station (If you want to be fancy), maybe some deviled eggs, the usual sausage and bacon, and of course trays and trays of scrambled eggs.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most important element of the “Champagne Brunch,” the CHAMPAGNE!!!  And whatever other drinks you deem necessary.  Our bar always consisted of a couple handles of vodka (in case you prefer a screwdriver over the Mimosa) and orange juice of course, some wine, and an assortment of beer.
  • The Music – A key element, no brunch should be without.  Depending on what you want to spend and the ambiance you want to create, anything from a stereo, to a DJ, to a live band will do.   If you are going with live music, one cost saving tip of note, check Craigslist or the local colleges in the area for some cheap talent (Just be sure to get a sample, or a few referrals before you hire them). 
  • Key Suggestions to add a touch of class - Renting both a Champagne and Chocolate Fountain (For the strawberries of course) are sure to impress.

Dictating a Successful Event:

  • Did the majority of your guest list spend the hours of 12 PM – ??? Dancing/Drinking/Continually Eating? Did they perhaps blackout this time frame, consequently wondering why they were waking up in some unknown place at JUST 8 PM the same day with a hangover??? If you can answer yes to both, or do not know the answer yourself, than YES, the event was surely a success!

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