25th October 2007

For The NYC Wine Enthusiast

For all you NYC Wine enthusiasts out there, and those of you planning to visit the NYC area I have compiled some useful info about various wine bars throughout the different parts of the city.

Upper East Side:


Location: On 2nd Ave b/w 77th and 78th St.

Great Service, Wine Selection, and they make a tasty Sangria. Also, try their Brushetta and Panini’s… They’re amazing! Not to mention the outdoor seating, weather permitting of course.

Midtown West:

Park Blue:

Location: 58th St. between 6th and 7th ave.

For all your tourists and theatre goers who want to enjoy all that midtown has to offer try out this gem. Half bottles allow you to try a few different types of wine in one sitting. And try the cheeseburger!

East Village

Bar Veloce

Location: 2nd Ave and 11th st.

This quaint little East Village locale is perfect for the successful 20-somethings with a taste for sophistication and jazz. A big screen TV shows an endless stream of silent black and white movies while you are surrounded by endless wine racks, perfect for endless drinking.


D.O.C. Wine Bar

Location: 83 N 7th St. in Brooklyn

If you feel like venturing out of Manhattan, or better yet you live in Brooklyn, you will not be sorry you tried out this intimate little hideaway. The wine is affordable ($20-$35 a bottle), not to mention their great selection… As for the food, great breads, cheeses, salads, panini’s and more… Perfect to nibble on while you share a glass, or better yet a bottle.

These are just a few of the better spots I’ve been able to sample while living in this great city… Of course I’m always open to hear about others… Feel free to comment.

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