31st October 2007

The Greatest Drinking/Party Movies Of All Time

Here are the Top 5 & why… In my opinion anyways…

#1 – Animal House
I challenge you to argue this one… Naked pillow fights, pretending to be the boyfriend of a girl who just died JUST to get into her friends’ pants, practically inventing the Toga Party, GLADYS NIGHT & THE PIPS! Instantly creating a bad name for fraternities everywhere. Enough said!

#2 – Beer Fest

The BOOT! They drank beer out of a boot for Christ Sakes! We should all be so lucky! By the way, if you’re interested in buying said boot: CLICK HERE.

#3 – Cocktail

Classic ’80’s Tom Cruise… Before he went insane. Bar tricks, Women, & Booze, OH MY!

#4 – Bad Santa

Alcoholic safe cracker posing as a mall Santa just to steal money on Christmas Eve?! Hey “Shit Happens When You Party Naked.” Right? (Watch the movie and you’ll get the reference, I promise, if you like stupid humor, aka non-thinkers, this is a sure thing).

#5 – Leaving Las Vegas

Ever think to yourself, “Let’s head to Vegas, get a hotel room at a cheap hotel, and drink myeslf into obliviion?” Than perhaps meet a prostitute, she decides to stay while you continue to drown your sorrows? This is definitely the movie to watch if you hate your life and need that final nail in the coffin. Go into a dark room with a plastic bottle of Popov and a damp blanket, cower in the corner and check it out. `

These are my Top 5, hands down, Feel free to argue, I’m always open to a good debate!

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