4th November 2007

Red Bull and Vodka, Hold the Red Bull


I don’t know why no one thought of this before, but here we go folks caffeinated vodka that actually tastes good! Pink offers the effects of a red bull and vodka without the red bull for those who prefer other mixers and an energy boost.

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4th November 2007

The Ultimate Spelling Bee

Bob and barbara’s a small philly dive bar, has always hosted events off the beaten path (ie the rock paper scissors tourney) well now they introduce the drunken spelling bee on monday nights, where it’s encouraged for you to be as drunk as possible. Actually the judges can make you drink more between turns if they feel you are not drunk enough…

1509 South Street, Philadelphia

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4th November 2007

LP Party

For those of you in the philadelphia area, Living Proof Magazine will be celebrating the release of their varsity issue on Nov. 8 with complimentary vodka cocktails from 7-10 at the Walnut room!

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4th November 2007

Beer Cooler

I know halloween has gone and passed, however here is a great idea for your leftover pumpkins or thanksgiving/fall themed cocktail parties and pregames!

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4th November 2007

Trouble Creating Your Own Power Hour Mix?

Creating your own Power Hour mix is an art… Selecting the genre, artists, and songs alike are all difficult tasks, yet essential in the creation process.

For the musically challenged (like myself) this task could prove quite impossible… People like this generally only know what they like, however the key information as to who sings what, and song names often eludes them.

For those of you to which the above applies, I have good news… I have found the solution. The Music Genome Project. Someone has actually spent their time creating this program that, based on the song you enter, will generate a playlist of songs that “you should like” based on a variety of criteria and created a website that does just that. Pandora Radio – www.Pandora.com.

No longer do you have to search for hours, googling lyrics to the songs you think you like… This site does all that for you. Its pretty cool and more importantly, its free! So logon and start brainstorming, the right mix is only a few clicks away.

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