8th November 2007

Ladies Take Note

toilet seat Down

So… It seems to me that women everywhere share the same problem… Their spouse’s/bf’s inability to put the toilet seat down. As a man I always argue the counterpoint “Well if I have to put it down, when you’re done (especially if you’re in MY apartment) put the seat up.” Otherwise you just risk us missing and hitting the seat, right??? I mean the two most common problems I hear are, “I don’t want to touch that disgusting seat,” and, “What if I fell in?” To the first point I simply respond, “Well why do WE have to touch the disgusting seat?” And to the latter, “What are you so drunk that you didn’t notice the seat was up?” I mean come on, seriously, who falls in the toilet after the age of 8 unless they are seriously INEBRIATED???

Well… Germaphobes & fellow drunkards alike listen up… I don’t know what took so long but it seems that a 9-year-old boy all the way out in Iowa has come out with the solution, The “Privy Prop”. (Click Here For Story)

Now all you have to do is step on this device with your foot and seat moves up and down, HANDS FREE!!! Why it took a 9-year-old to come up with this seemingly SIMPLE idea is beyond me, but hey kudos to him… Germaphobes can now rejoice, however drunkards be wary… You still have to remember to actually press the device for it to stop you from falling in!

To all my female readers, feel free to weigh in.

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