30th December 2007

SizzUp Applications


As we come closer and closer to the launch (Around Mid-January) I just wanted to prep ya and let you know the types of applications SizzUp will feature:

The Bartender

Our shaker application. As I’ve described in the past, drag and drop the ingredients you have in your home into our virtual shaker and let The Bartender do the rest. If you have 100% of the ingredients for a drink, the drink name and directions will be returned to you! How cool right? What’s even better is if you have less than 100% of the recipe’s for a drink it will still be returned to you on down to a 50% match along with those ingredients you still need to purchase to make the drink.

The Breathalyzer

Since SizzUp does not promote drinking and driving we thought we’d throw a breathalyzer on the site. Enter your height, weight, male or female, and how many drinks you have and your BAC is calculate (DISCLAIMER, be aware, these results may not be the MOST accurate, but its fun none-the-less).

Do It Yourself

Have a drink you would like to have added to our database? Well mix it up here, name it, and submit it, if it doesn’t already exist and we like it, we’ll add it and you might even win something cool to go along with the recognition and self satisfaction that you are doing your part to help intoxicate your peers.

So get excited people because we sure are! As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

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27th December 2007

New Years Eve in NYC

NYE 2008

New Years Eve is approaching yet again and if you are anything like me you still have yet to make your plans for the night. 

As I am lucky enough to be in New York City there is no shortage of options.  The issue comes with the cost involved… Because with those options often comes a price that exceeds well over $100.  So, for those of you last minute folk like me here’s what I’m going to do for you.  I’m going to supply you with the top 3 options for $100 and under in not only New York, but Philly as well!

New York:

1 – Ride the Bull @ Johnny Utah’s

Price – $95


  • Five hour premium open bar 9PM – 2 AM
  • Champagne Toast at midnight
  • Ball Drop Televised

2 – Porky’s NYC

Price – $85

  • Six Hour Premium Open Bar (9pm – 3am)
  • Champagne Toast
  • DJ
  • Mini Buffet (9pm-3am)
  • Ball Drop Televised
  • Complimentary admission to “The Official After-Party” at Home & Guesthouse starting at 3 AM

3 –Bar None

Price – $65

  • Six hour premium open bar (9PM – 3AM)
  • Champagne Toast
  • DJ
  • Mini-Buffet (9PM-11:30PM)
  • Ball Drop Televised
  • Complimentary admission to “The Official After-Party” at Home & Guesthouse starting at 3 AM


1 – For you Singles out there try TPDS

Price – $99.99

  • Hors D’oeuvres
  • 4-hour open bar (8pm – 12am)
  • Champagne Toast
  • Various Fun Activities
  • DJ
  • Prize Give-A-Way’s

2 – XO Lounge & Nightclub

Price – $45

  • 2 Hour Open bar from 10pm – 12am
  • Champagne Toast at midnight
  • Wear a mask – $100 to the best male and female masks out there!

3 – For a more Casual Atmosphere try out Patou Restaurant et Bar’s “Carte Blanche” Party

Price – $75

  • Open Top-Shelf Bar from 11PM-2AM
  • Champagne Toast
  • DJ
  • Breakfast Buffet at 1:30 AM

Than, of course the cheapest and most UNDERRATED way in any city… HOST YOUR OWN NYE PARTY!

I encourage you to add to our current list or ideas from your hometown city as well.  Maybe you’ll entice us to make a trip out to party with you in years to come!

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23rd December 2007

World’s Most Expensive Christmas Drink

How much would you pay for a bottle of alcohol?

$10, $50, $100… How about 105,000 British Pounds, which is roughly $208,000!!!

Thats how much this bottle of Cognac – Beaute de Siecle – which was created to celebrate a Hennessy Patriarchs 100th birthday, costs.

The cognac itself is in a Baccarat crystal bottle contained in an ornate wooden chest embedded with mirrored glass and meted aluminum.

A bronze key opens the box which then triggers a concealed switch to make the bottle rise up on a velvet tray.

There are just 100 bottles in existence.

Click the picture below for the full story:


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21st December 2007

MDW Contest

One thing we plan to do here at SizzUp is to encourage our users to submit their own original recipes… To encourage this we will have a monthly contest (Prize TBD, but I swear it will be Very Cool!) where you will have the opportunity to submit recipes via our special “mixing” platform (also currently in the works, and also Very Cool!)…

But… Since we have not yet launched I thought it would be considerate of me to go out to the web and find some another contest to wet your appetite.  Here’s what I found:

MixedDrinkWorld.com is sponsoring a drink submission contest ending 12/31/07.  Here’s how you do it:

1. Sign Up a free MDW Account and fill out your public profile page.
2. Submit as many recipes as you can from now until December 31st 2007.
3. Each recipe must be a new mixed drink recipe not listed already at MDW.

The member who submits the most submitted authorized mixed drinks recipes at the end of the contest will win the prize, an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 Rock Band Special Edition (winners choice of either platform) and free shipping within the continental US.

Click Here To Start Submitting, but hurry, only 10 days to go!

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19th December 2007

Bartender Application

It’s been a while since I have actually given you guys an update about how the site is coming along, so here it is… We just recently finished putting together our preliminary bartender application!

That’s right, over the past year we have been doing more than just entertaining you with our little blog.  Behind the scenes we’ve been building the ultimate bartending site, and at the center of it is this bartending application of ours.  We’ve compiled a list of ALL the traditional and non-traditional ingredients that are found in cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike from Tabasco Sauce to Grenadine, Kool-Aid To Vodka.  Next we compiled a list of recipe’s of about 350 or so, covering all the basics with a couple of “fun” drinks thrown in for good measure.  This will be our initial database of cocktails which, with your help, will continue to grow!

Now comes the cool part, our Bartender Application.  Our talented web developer, Lorenzo, built this using flash technology.  Here’s how it works:

  1. You have a choice of the following ingredients:
    • Alcoholic
    • Non-Alcoholic (i.e. Juices, etc…)
    • Extras (i.e. Lemon, Lime, Orange, etc…)
    • Mixers (i.e. Sweet & Sour Mix, Daiquairi Mix)
  2. Pick those items which you have on hand.
  3. Click “Serve it up”

After you run the application a page will open up in the background with a populated list of every drink you can make with the ingredients you have, everything from 100% match on down to a 50% match.  If you do not match the recipe 100% it will also tell you what ingredients you need to go out and buy!

Pretty cool right? I guess you can call it the Alcoholics version of Google.

Expected Launch: Middle of January ’08

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18th December 2007

Boys… Reason Why Girls Drink?

MONDAY, Dec. 17 (HealthDay News) — For girls, especially, having friends of the opposite sex during adolescence can raise the likelihood for alcohol use (“Having Boys As Friends Can Boost Young Girls’ Drinking”).

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University stated, “Our findings suggest that girls may be more susceptible to their friends’ drinking and that having opposite-sex friends who drink is also associated with increased drinking.”

What the hell is that?!  Who would spend money researching such things? If boys are responsible for creating drinking tendencies in girls at a young age, where’s the study that shows that women are responsible for our alcoholic tendencies later in life? I mean if there is going to be a study done on this shouldn’t it include the effects in both directions? 

“Parents need to be aware of their children’s friends and how they spend their time together. This awareness is particularly important for girls, and when the friendship group consists of members of the opposite sex.”

What’s this study trying to prove, seriously? That boys should only be friends with boys growing up and girls with girls?  Thats it, lets just promote the separation of the sexes until they are “mature” enough to be in each other’s company WITHOUT being influenced, I’m sure that will work I just don’t get it I guess!

Either this study should be deemed obsolete, or this world is getting more and more F’ed up by the minute! Am I wrong?

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17th December 2007

‘Ladies Night’

Roy Den Hollander sued NYC Nightclubs Lotus & the China Club recently, stating he was discriminated against by ladies’ nights…  (“NYC Nightclubs Defend Ladies’ Nights“)

The Lawyer for Lotus states the lawsuit is frivolous since based on the lawsuit this would also deem “early bird” specials for older customers & letting children eat free discriminatory as well.

As for my opinion… The guy must be either gay or extremely stupid!  For one thing these “Ladies Night” specials put out by bars and clubs attract more women - to which one could argue if the specials didn’t exist anywhere the women would still come because there would still be no reason to go to one bar over another for the better deal… To which I simply answer the following:

What is the number one way men pick up women in a bar??? Anyone? Well if you haven’t answered this yourself yet, THEY BUY THEM A DRINK!!!  So unless this guy is not attracted to women, i.e. gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), deeming “Ladies’ Nights” as discriminatory would not only screw the women enjoying the special, but likewise, the men buying them the drinks!

Sure, sure I know, if the man is buying the drink he isn’t getting the special, but let me than ask you this… When you take your girlfriend out for a drink, who usually pays? If there is a special is she not then more likely to pay? Likewise, if you are looking to pick up a girl, sure you might buy her one drink therefore forgoing said deal cause you are a guy, however if there is a special, I’m sure the one drink is all you’ll need to buy for her.  Point being - The ladies are not the ONLY ones benefitting from “Ladies’ Night”! 

Clearly this guy is one of three things, gay, looking to make headlines, or just plain dumb!  You be the judge.

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14th December 2007

Paris Hilton Saves Life

Here’s two things I never thought would appear in the same sentence – “Paris Hilton” & “Saves Life.” Apparently she rushed to the aid of Robin Sherwood after he blacked out during a performance in Miami, FL.  Now if you were to put “Paris Hilton” & “Blackout” in the same sentence in a different way, that might work, but not like this?! 

It seems Robin Sherwood had been doing a little too much partying with Jackass’s The Wee-Man, and after drinking & partying for three straight days, he had forgotten to do his dialysis, and blacked out at his comedy show last weekend.

Its ok, I’m sure we’ll see Paris back on the other end of things shortly.

(Click here for more)

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14th December 2007

Public Urination

Playful puppy latches on to urinating man’s member“… One of the headlines on a popular Australian News Site this morning.  What exactly happened? Well apparently a drunk man was urinating through a fence when a puppy decided to “latch on to his member” – OUCH! Maybe this is why Pissing in public is illegal?

After ending up in a hospital due to sever lacerations he was forced to tell the embarrassing tale.

“Its undoubtedly sore now, but luckily it should still be useful in the future,” a doctor was quoted saying, and I’m sure it was accompanied by quite the chuckle!

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13th December 2007

Think You Can Break These Records?

I know you’ve all been wondering, and the answer is YES… There are documented drinking records, some of them having stood since as far back as 1977.  Here are the Top 7:

1.        Fastest Beer Guzzler -            1 Liter in 1.3 sec

2.        Highest Documented BAC -     0.7  or in layman’s terms, 17 TIMES the legal limit!

3.        Fastest Beer Bottle Opener -   300 bottles in 1 MIN

4.        Longest Working Bartender -   74 years and still going!

5.        Fastest Beer Mile -                 5 Min 40 SEC – Drinking 1 Beer before each lap

6.        Most Pint Glasses Balanced - 75 from his chin!

7.        Carrying Beer Stines -             20 Steins Carried 40 meters

Be Sure to Check out videos and more here: Raising The Bar: The 7 Best Alcohol-Related World Records

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