10th December 2007

Anti-Drinking Campaign In The UK

I’m sure many of you are familiar with and often make fun of those anti-marijuana campaigns that fill our airwaves on a daily basis. You know… If you smoke pot you’ll be in some horrific accident, like you will run over a kid on a bike or the kid you were babysitting will drown in a pool cause you were too lazy to get up off your ass, or, one of my personal favorites, the PSA that claims pot is a Hallucinogen with the girl that can hear her dog talk (I just think they got this idea from Half Baked).

Now the UK has their own series of ineffective PSAs geared towards drinking according to an article posted today on PHYSORG.com (“UK Anti-Drinking Campaign Ads May Be ‘Catastrophically Misconceived'”). Apparently these PSAs display a series of drunken incidents, such as being thrown out of a nightclub, blacking out or passing out in a doorway. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a good time to me! Apparently our fellow Brits feel the same way, here’s an example of one such ad posted on youtube:

Now take a look at these comments:

“Nice Punch”
“Good vid! You should check mine out… my friend got wasted and begged me to film her…”

Good work guys! Way to utilize that anti-drug budget effectively!

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10th December 2007

New Booze Busting Device

Penny Suckers beware!  Breathalyzers may soon become a thing of the past.  Engineers have found a way to measure the amount of alcohol in a driver’s skin through the use of near-infrared absorption spectroscopy (No, I don’t know what half these words mean either, but CLICK HERE for the full story at Science Daily).  How it works is the light enters the arm and, based on the reflected light, the machine will be able to tell your BAC level. 

This system is currently being tested by officers in several US cities, and COULD be on the streets by next year.

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