11th December 2007

booze related gifts

So  i’ve been racking my brain for good presents for people and here is my holiday gift guide for the drunk in your life…

Official beer pong glove (www.urbanoutfitters.com) –for the college student

 beer of the month club (www.amazingbeerclub.com)- 12 microbrews delivered to your door each month–for dad

 gravity magnetic shot glasses–anyone!


free form wine rack (www.satinbox.com)- mom or auntie or that wino you love


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11th December 2007

Facebook Stupidity

MySpace and Facebook, both very useful Social Networking tools…  A great way to keep in touch with friends from HS and College that could otherwise be forgotten, market your business, promote your band, and a favorite of mine, procrastinate! This is how these sites were meant to be used however that last use has lead to an extreme obsession which has created a plethora of groups and profiles that could be detrimental your image & more importanlty your career. 

This morning I came accross the following article on CNN.COM – “Young women drink, party, post” – in which they detail information about a Facebook Group called “30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night”.  The purpose of the page… For girls to post the most incriminating pictures of themselves while drunk:

“One young woman dances on top of a bar. Another sits on the toilet drinking a beer. Several vomit. One appears with a bruised and bandaged face (“I just got drunk and fell out of a car,” she writes.). In another photo, two women urinate into a waterfall.”


Apparently discression is a thing of the past.  Posts and photos on the page are accompanied by full names and colleges the women attend… I’m sure future employers would love to hire this girl (Below, an example of a picture found in this group):


Facebook Image

Maybe This girl should have read this article – “Employers may look for facebook follies” – or many others like it, before starting this “seemingly innocent” group.

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