14th December 2007

Paris Hilton Saves Life

Here’s two things I never thought would appear in the same sentence – “Paris Hilton” & “Saves Life.” Apparently she rushed to the aid of Robin Sherwood after he blacked out during a performance in Miami, FL.  Now if you were to put “Paris Hilton” & “Blackout” in the same sentence in a different way, that might work, but not like this?! 

It seems Robin Sherwood had been doing a little too much partying with Jackass’s The Wee-Man, and after drinking & partying for three straight days, he had forgotten to do his dialysis, and blacked out at his comedy show last weekend.

Its ok, I’m sure we’ll see Paris back on the other end of things shortly.

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14th December 2007

Public Urination

Playful puppy latches on to urinating man’s member“… One of the headlines on a popular Australian News Site this morning.  What exactly happened? Well apparently a drunk man was urinating through a fence when a puppy decided to “latch on to his member” – OUCH! Maybe this is why Pissing in public is illegal?

After ending up in a hospital due to sever lacerations he was forced to tell the embarrassing tale.

“Its undoubtedly sore now, but luckily it should still be useful in the future,” a doctor was quoted saying, and I’m sure it was accompanied by quite the chuckle!

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