17th December 2007

‘Ladies Night’

Roy Den Hollander sued NYC Nightclubs Lotus & the China Club recently, stating he was discriminated against by ladies’ nights…  (“NYC Nightclubs Defend Ladies’ Nights“)

The Lawyer for Lotus states the lawsuit is frivolous since based on the lawsuit this would also deem “early bird” specials for older customers & letting children eat free discriminatory as well.

As for my opinion… The guy must be either gay or extremely stupid!  For one thing these “Ladies Night” specials put out by bars and clubs attract more women - to which one could argue if the specials didn’t exist anywhere the women would still come because there would still be no reason to go to one bar over another for the better deal… To which I simply answer the following:

What is the number one way men pick up women in a bar??? Anyone? Well if you haven’t answered this yourself yet, THEY BUY THEM A DRINK!!!  So unless this guy is not attracted to women, i.e. gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), deeming “Ladies’ Nights” as discriminatory would not only screw the women enjoying the special, but likewise, the men buying them the drinks!

Sure, sure I know, if the man is buying the drink he isn’t getting the special, but let me than ask you this… When you take your girlfriend out for a drink, who usually pays? If there is a special is she not then more likely to pay? Likewise, if you are looking to pick up a girl, sure you might buy her one drink therefore forgoing said deal cause you are a guy, however if there is a special, I’m sure the one drink is all you’ll need to buy for her.  Point being - The ladies are not the ONLY ones benefitting from “Ladies’ Night”! 

Clearly this guy is one of three things, gay, looking to make headlines, or just plain dumb!  You be the judge.

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