18th December 2007

Boys… Reason Why Girls Drink?

MONDAY, Dec. 17 (HealthDay News) — For girls, especially, having friends of the opposite sex during adolescence can raise the likelihood for alcohol use (“Having Boys As Friends Can Boost Young Girls’ Drinking”).

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University stated, “Our findings suggest that girls may be more susceptible to their friends’ drinking and that having opposite-sex friends who drink is also associated with increased drinking.”

What the hell is that?!  Who would spend money researching such things? If boys are responsible for creating drinking tendencies in girls at a young age, where’s the study that shows that women are responsible for our alcoholic tendencies later in life? I mean if there is going to be a study done on this shouldn’t it include the effects in both directions? 

“Parents need to be aware of their children’s friends and how they spend their time together. This awareness is particularly important for girls, and when the friendship group consists of members of the opposite sex.”

What’s this study trying to prove, seriously? That boys should only be friends with boys growing up and girls with girls?  Thats it, lets just promote the separation of the sexes until they are “mature” enough to be in each other’s company WITHOUT being influenced, I’m sure that will work I just don’t get it I guess!

Either this study should be deemed obsolete, or this world is getting more and more F’ed up by the minute! Am I wrong?

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