30th December 2007

SizzUp Applications


As we come closer and closer to the launch (Around Mid-January) I just wanted to prep ya and let you know the types of applications SizzUp will feature:

The Bartender

Our shaker application. As I’ve described in the past, drag and drop the ingredients you have in your home into our virtual shaker and let The Bartender do the rest. If you have 100% of the ingredients for a drink, the drink name and directions will be returned to you! How cool right? What’s even better is if you have less than 100% of the recipe’s for a drink it will still be returned to you on down to a 50% match along with those ingredients you still need to purchase to make the drink.

The Breathalyzer

Since SizzUp does not promote drinking and driving we thought we’d throw a breathalyzer on the site. Enter your height, weight, male or female, and how many drinks you have and your BAC is calculate (DISCLAIMER, be aware, these results may not be the MOST accurate, but its fun none-the-less).

Do It Yourself

Have a drink you would like to have added to our database? Well mix it up here, name it, and submit it, if it doesn’t already exist and we like it, we’ll add it and you might even win something cool to go along with the recognition and self satisfaction that you are doing your part to help intoxicate your peers.

So get excited people because we sure are! As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

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The Bartender