23rd January 2008

Check It… New SizzUp Logo

Hope you all enjoy our new official SizzUp Logo!


We are getting closer and closer to our FULL official launch every day.  So continue to use our Beta Version of the Bartender and share your input so we can make it perfect!

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22nd January 2008

wino not in rehab…

In celebrity booze news:

Newly blonde Amy Winehouse is out of rehab and spotted around town sporting her new ‘do, and shouting messages of love to her jailed husband…

Amy Winehouse's Alleged Crack Habit on Camera

Also out of rehab: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie way to go girls

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22nd January 2008

Whao, what a party!

This Australian teen, threw a 500 person kegger while his parents were out of town. Click to see his hilarious interview with local news reporter.

http://view.break.com/433536 – Watch more free videos

His parents will never leave him home alone again….

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22nd January 2008

Packer Fans…

Are officially crazy!


Any of you readers out there know these beautiful frozen cheeseheads?

I know you’ve all seen this by now, but I just had to throw my two cents in as well… CLEARLY these ladies must of been aided by an alcoholic substance of some sort, or maybe those bikini tops were heated, as temperatures with the wind chill dipped well below Zero Degrees for this thriller.

Luckily the Packers were not fueled by their passion… Go GIANTS!

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19th January 2008

A Brief History of Alcohol

So, being the developer for SizzUp.com I thought, I should contribute at least once before we launch the real thing. So reading through Maxim magazine, I came across this really interesting time line, quoted as ‘Booze-cruise on a drunken journey through time’.

So here it goes starting from the very old days to now…

10,000 B.C.
Cavemen brew a beer-like substance, evidenced by cave drawings of beer-like substance pong.

7000 B.C.
Wine production begins in China. It’s good stuff, but you feel sober an hour later.

2304 B.C.
Years after the flood, Noah gets wasted and strips to his birthday suit, confirming that he did bring two of everything. Read the rest of this entry »

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15th January 2008

The Move

So I moved recently… From my apartment on the UES to Murray Hill…. About 45 blocks away… And it got me thinking… No not about the basics of setting up an apartment, shower curtain, dishes, hooking up the cable, etc… But how am I going to stock my bar? I know, I know, a collegiate thought, but important nonetheless!

Here are some “essentials” I’ve found:

Seeing as my NYC apartment is anything BUT spacious by normal standards, saving space is key.  So lets start with a nice fold out bar/wine rack. Try these sites for some ideas:

Home Bars Online 



Next you need a shaker:

This page on Amazon.com has some great inexpensive options!

Wine & Champagne Glasses:

For the bachelor looking to save a dime – DiscountMugs.com or Crate and Barrel

Looking to splurge a little try this – The Wine Enthusiast or for a personal touch Crystallize

Beer Mugs and Pint Glasses:

Again you can try either DiscountMugs.com or the Crate and Barrel Site, and Amazon/Ebay may offer a fun alternative as well.

Did I miss anything?

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11th January 2008

Drum Roll Please…

You waited and waited, well here it is as promised, the SizzUp Bartender (Beta Version)!

You will now notice at the top of the page there is another menu item called “Bartender”… As I’ve previously explained, this application will help you make glorious concoctions with those ingredients you have sitting in your fridge… Whether you’re having “Bartender’s Block” or just plain bored of the same old Rum and Coke, just plug your ingredients into our mixer and it’ll tell you what ELSE you can make!

Please remember though, the most important thing is your FEEDBACK as this application cannot be perfected without it… So, as my Grandma always said, use it in good health!

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10th January 2008

America’s Drunkest Cities

Ever wondered if your hometown has a drinking problem? Bars are packed on a random Tuesday… Arguing over who will be DD is part of everyday conversation… And AA has been banned from your town?

Well, by looking at the amount of alcohol-related liver disease deaths, stats on binge drinkers, DUI arrests, fatal car accidents involving drunk drivers, and cities with programs to combat such things, such as MADD, there was actually a study put together to prove whose town really is full of the biggest drinkers.

Is your town on the list? Find out here:  “America’s Drunkest Cities“ 

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9th January 2008

Drink Healthy

… Drink Often! “Gallup (Gallup Poll) queried about a thousand Americans ages 18 and older and found that 64 percent drank alcohol in 2006; that’s consistent with the 63 percent of Americans reporting alcohol consumption since the poll on drinking begin in 1939.”

This got me thinking… Given that there is also a huge health craze in this “great” country, and since drinking (at least the way I drink, and I’m sure probably about 95% of this 63% do the same) is not, there has to be a way to at least “drink healthy”… And no I’m not talking about mixing your Vodka with Seltzer rather than Tonic or drinking light (lite) beer, but rather adding healthy ingredients into your mix. Read the rest of this entry »

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7th January 2008

Name Your Drink

So… You’ve come up with a new drink, but there’s one problem, all those clever drink names are taken!  What do you do?

Try this out… Drink Name Generator

Then submit it to our site and we’ll let you know if it’s up to SizzUp standards ;).


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