1st January 2008

5 Things That Should Only Be Done in College!

#5 – 007_animal_house.jpg The Frat Party, if you weren’t lucky enough to go to a school with a big frat scene, watch Animal House… Namely that scene with Otis Day covering the all popular party song – Isley Brothers’ “Shout”, not to mention I think this movie invented the Toga Party which leads me to #4.

#4 – toga.jpg The Toga Party, white, blue, green, plaid… No matter what color the sheet, I’m not sure it would be professional to slide a picture of you in one of these with perhaps a little TOO much exposed into your next PowerPoint!

#3 – beast-beer.jpg Cheap Beer… Milwaukee’s Best, Busch Light, Natural Light, Keystone Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon (AKA PBR) and the list goes on… Graduating from college = full-time employment (HOPEFULLY) = money = being able to afford the classier stuff. Exceptions to the rule – Any of you who went to grad school (you’re still in for another 2-4), and of course those of you who enjoyed a bit too much of #4 & 5 to pass college and are therefore stuck working at “Insert Fast Food Franchise Here”. Which brings me to #2

#2 –bankers-club-rum-label.jpg Cheap Liquor… Banker’s club, Gordon’s, or pretty much anything you see on the bottom shelf of the liquor store in a plastic bottle is a good indication it’ll lead to one nasty hangover! Again, there are exceptions, See #3… (More important to follow this than the cheap beer rule as cheap liquor leads to a much worse hangover!)

And the #1 Thing that should only be done in college IS…

shame.jpg The Walk of Shame (Fame)… The name really depends whose doing the walk. For women its shameful, walking back to their dorm the morning after in their “hooker” boots & mini-skirt, head down, being snickered at along the way. While for men its one of fame, well, for obvious reasons… Double standards are great aren’t they?! Post-College, nothing short of calling for a cab or leaving before daylight is to be accepted because, well, come on… You should have learned your lesson in college!

Now don’t you think this would make a much better category for Family Feud than say “Name something that has a switch”?

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