15th January 2008

The Move

So I moved recently… From my apartment on the UES to Murray Hill…. About 45 blocks away… And it got me thinking… No not about the basics of setting up an apartment, shower curtain, dishes, hooking up the cable, etc… But how am I going to stock my bar? I know, I know, a collegiate thought, but important nonetheless!

Here are some “essentials” I’ve found:

Seeing as my NYC apartment is anything BUT spacious by normal standards, saving space is key.  So lets start with a nice fold out bar/wine rack. Try these sites for some ideas:

Home Bars Online 



Next you need a shaker:

This page on Amazon.com has some great inexpensive options!

Wine & Champagne Glasses:

For the bachelor looking to save a dime – DiscountMugs.com or Crate and Barrel

Looking to splurge a little try this – The Wine Enthusiast or for a personal touch Crystallize

Beer Mugs and Pint Glasses:

Again you can try either DiscountMugs.com or the Crate and Barrel Site, and Amazon/Ebay may offer a fun alternative as well.

Did I miss anything?

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