24th January 2008

Burt Reynolds Is a Cheat!

Story By Digital Spy:

Burt Reynolds has admitted that he resorted to cheating in a drinking competition with Russell Crowe.

The 71-year-old was determined to match Crowe, then 35, drink for drink when they partied together while starring in Mystery, Alaska in 1999.

He told Maxim: “I could drink pretty good, but I used to cheat. Like when I filmed “Mystery, Alaska” with the Aussie.

“One night I said to the girl behind the bar ‘Here’s $100. Give me a vodka and tonic with a lime, but after that, alternate with water and lime.'”

He added: “On the 10th round Russell grabbed the glass and took a swallow. Thank God it was the vodka. He said, ‘You’re alright, mate.'”

Awwwww, Burt, say it ain’t so!

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