3rd February 2008

Death by Caffeine


So I’m sure we all crave a little caffeine pick me up whether is 8 am on your way to work or 8 pm getting ready for a night out. Mine personally is green tea or coffee in the morning or Red Bull and vodka for a night out. Well now thanks to our friends at Energy Fiend, you can use their Death by Caffeine calculator to see exactly how many red bulls you can have before you bite the dust.

It would take 328 cups of green tea, 77 cups of regularly brewed coffee, 103 cans of Red Bull, or 164 cans of Whoop Ass** to kill me.

Let us know what’s going to kill you

**does anyone know what whoop ass is or where i can buy that? makers of whoop ass if your reading this please send a case to…

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