7th February 2008


What? They won’t let you drink your beer on the park bench? bring your cooler of beer onto the beach?! How horrific!

Well I’m here to tell you not to worry about those silly open conatainer laws anymore!  Get yourself some Canouflage!

Created by the wonderful people at Prankplace.com (They’ve got plenty of other cool stuff too), Canouflage is made to look like your favorite softdrink and those pesky “PIGS” will be none the wiser:


Looks like Pepsi doesn’t it?!  But without the copyright infringement of course!

CLICK HERE to get your own.

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7th February 2008

Heineken Beertender

Is it just me or does Heineken hire some of the best marketing minds out there… Their ideas are always so original.

Take this one for example.  The Heineken Beertender:


Description courtesy of uncrate.com – Sure, the DraughtKeg is handy, but it’s also a little messy, and takes up quite a bit of room in the fridge. The Heineken BeerTender (available 3/08) solves these problems by serving as a standalone beer-serving machine, made especially for the 5L DraughtKeg. Co-developed with Krups, the BeerTender features integrated refrigeration to keep your beer the ideal temperature, and the built-in display lets you know when it’s time to refill. Plus, with its advanced pressure system, you’ll get the perfect pour every time.

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