20th March 2008

March Madness

March… My favorite time of year! The NCAA Final Four Tournament, Baseball is just around the corner, and for those of us in the Northeast it means the weather has finally started to warm up.  It really doesn’t get much better than that.  Let’s take a look at the following formula which I have comprised for your benefit:

Warmer Weather =  An increase in the amount of beautiful women roaming the streets (I know, where did they all come from right?!)  which is a direct result of the subtraction of clothing due to said warmer weather which can only be assumed to be directly correlated to an increase in Daytime Drinking.  I know I know, BRILLIANT!

So, do yourself a favor, go to your favorite outdoor bar (If you haven’t found one yet DO SO), make friends with the bartender, and most of all enjoy everything that comes along with this welcomed seasonal change. 



¼ oz. Rum
¼ oz. gin
¼ oz. vodka
¼ oz. triple sec
Fill with Gatorade (You can substitute any energy drink)
Splash of OJ 

Directions: Build ingredients over ice in a pint or large glass. Fill with Gatorade (or any energy drink) and add a splash of orange juice.

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The Bartender