18th April 2008

“Absolut” Brilliance

NYC is probably one of THE most expensive places to go out and have a good time.  $5 for a domestic $6/$7 for an import is standard at the CHEAPEST places, and a cocktail, forget about it.  At least $8, sometimes $15, depending on the place.   Unless you have a career in banking (If you are you don’t have time to go out and drink) you probably struggle to afford these steep prices, which causes one like myself and most people I hang out with to look for the right deals.

Last night I found a great one…

Mantra, on the corner of 52nd and 2nd will start your Thursday night off right.  A FREE OPEN Bar (No Cover Whatsoever, and No Catch – I was skeptical myself) from 6PM – 7PM offers the Absolut Vodka drink of your choice…  There is even a nice little balcony overlooking 2nd Ave.  So Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and enjoy!

This should save you at least $30… Maybe $50 if you’re like some I know.

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17th April 2008

The Legends of Bartending

Dario DoimoYou might be wondering where and how someone can be nominated for being the Best Bartender. Well there’s only 1 way to tell! LEGENDS X! This bartending competition was established in the late 90’s, with one goal only; to crown the best, fastest, trickiest bartender out there! Legends takes place each year in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to its vast popularity, in 2001, Legends became the first invitation only world competition. Now only the best flair bartenders are able to showcase their talents on the Legends stage. This year, in February 2008, Legends had to again honor the best of the best, the grand champion of bartending. His name?… Read the rest of this entry »

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16th April 2008

Martinis & Manicures


Join Thread Beauty Bar every Wednesday night for martinis and manicures. From 5pm – 9pm every Wednesday, the people of Thread, turn their beauty haven into the ultimate girls night out. And to top it all off no appointment is necessary!

Thread Beauty Bar

1903 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia


Beauty Bar NYC

231 East 14th Street, Manhattan

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16th April 2008

Name Night

For all the Ryan’s out there, tonight’s your night!

Head on out to No Idea on 30 East 20th St. in Flatiron and enjoy 6 HOURS!!! Thats right 6 HOURS of free drinks, from 5 PM to 11 PM, tonight, Wednesday April 16th.

If your name isn’t Ryan than don’t fret.  Name Night (Click for Calendar) is a daily event.  So check out the calendar to see when its your turn and don’t forget to bring friends!  Someone is going to have to carry your drunk ass home…

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16th April 2008

Catch the Final Night…

So was that Kosher Wine Aunt Rose brought out for the Sedar last year utterly undrinkable?  Looking for some better options? Well check this out.

In honor of Passover Astor Wines and Spirits is hosting its 3rd and final night of Kosher wine tasting tonight, Wednesday, April 16th.

Try selections from the Judean Hills (Israel’s oldest viticultural area) to the kosher wines of Abarbanel. 

Event is FREE and takes place from 6PM – 8PM


Neighborhood: NoHo
399 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10003

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15th April 2008

Buy One, Get One!


So its that time of year again…Baseball season! So for you Philadelphians out there head out to Citizens Bank Park this week for buy one get one free tickets! Enjoy the nice weather, grab a beer, and watch your favorite Phils!

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14th April 2008

Kosher Beer (Even for Passover!)

I wanted to take a minute to follow-up my previous post “Straight From The Rabbi” with some even more useful info for the Passover Holiday. 

Beer, in my opinion, is one of the most painful items to give up over the this week of “bread” deprivation (Well aside from pizza).  Constantly being told that beer could not be Kosher for Passover, I have not until recently taken the time to time to research for myself if such a thing even existed.

To my pleasant surprise… IT DOES!      Read the rest of this entry »

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13th April 2008

Beer Goggles Welcome

beer-goggles.jpgI’m sure many of your homepages are set to Yahoo.com. One of last week’s stories rotating through the “Featured” section of the page is entitled “Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men”. Personally I cannot believe that somebody actually waisted their time on a study of something we already know (Men are more superficial than women).  I mean how many times do you see that average guy with the hot girl walking down the street?

I wish I could get paid for meaningless research!  Just my random thought for the day :).

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12th April 2008

Best Cheap Wines Under $10


Browsing the internet today, I came across this amazing list of great cheap wines on www.mainstreet.com. I haven’t had a chance to try any yet myself, but I plan on taking this list with me next time I hit up the liquor store. Check em out and let us know what you think.  (no boxed wine included!)

1. Cape Indaba Sauvignon Blanc 2007 ($6). This South African white is crisp and refreshing, perfect to “drink on a patio,” says wine connoisseur Andrea Clurfeld, food critic at New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press. She says its citrus and mineral undertones make it suited for shellfish.

2. Bodegas Borsao Campo de Borja Borsao Red 2005 ($7). Clurfeld, calls this Spanish combination of Grenache and Tempranillo grapes “the single best cheap red wine in the world.” Fruity, but with depth, she says it goes with a wide range of foods and is “good on the tongue.” “I would put this against anything out there,” she says. 

3. Real Companhia Velha Porca de Murca 2005 ($7). This red blend from Portugal consistently sells out at Bottle Shoppe, Cesar Ruiz’s Brooklyn, N.Y. store. “It has a dry cherry taste,” says Ruiz. “It goes great with spicy food and even pizza.” 

4. Adega Condes de Albarel Albarino Salneval 2006 ($9). A warm day? A late lunch? Try this light Spanish white. Mouzouras calls Salneval “perfect for summer.” “It’s clean and crisp with a citrus flavor and nice acidity,” he says.

5. Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2006 ($9). Even with the euro, this French wine from the Gamay grape remains affordable. Best served slightly chilled, this Beaujolais works well with hors d’oeuvres. “It’s a nice to serve before dinner. It’s fruity and light, but it has a dry finish,” says Ruiz.

6. Monarchia Pinot Gris 2006 ($9).  This Hungarian wine sounds like a punch line, until you try a glass of the full-bodied, dry white. Expect a vibrant finish. “It’s clean and full on the mouth,” says Costas Mouzouras, buyer at Manhattan’s Gotham Wines. He suggests a Caprese salad as the perfect accompaniment.

7. Conde de Jauregui Rioja Crianza 2004 ($10). This strong Spanish red has “a good fruit front”, says Ruiz. He says customers love its “long finish on the palate” and “vanilla notes.” It is ideal served with beef.

8. Gascon Don Miguel Malbec 2006 ($10). Few countries can feel our economic pain better than Argentina, so it makes sense to turn to their wine, especially Malbec, which tastes much richer than the price tag. Mouzouras likes Gascon for its “really rich, velvety and plumy taste.” 

9. Miolo Reserva Pinot Noir 2006 ($10). Bring this Brazilian pinot noir to a party and you’ll feel like Indiana Jones – introducing the masses to an off-the-beaten-path treasure. “This wine took everybody by surprise. It’s really unbelievable,” says Mouzouras. It’s even tastier considering that decent American pinots rarely come in below $15. “And this is way better than decent.”

10. Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2006 ($10). Australia’s oldest family-owned vineyard produces plenty of acclaimed $100 bottles, but its bargain-basement “Y Series” line, which includes merlot, shiraz, rielsing, chardonnay, and rose, merits attention too. Clurfeld says the best deal is the “gently fruity” Viognier which pairs well with mildly spicy Asian food. “This allows you to become familiar with a great grape without spending a fortune,” she says.

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10th April 2008

6 year old boy treated for alcoholism!

Dear God! If any of you guys think that you might have a drinking problem, think again! The UK based newspaper, Sun reported yesterday that a boy as young as 6 years of age was treated for alcoholism. Sure we all knew that English people might be drinking beer for water, but surely not to this extent! Read the rest of this entry »

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