2nd April 2008

Damskaya Vodka


Damskaya Vodka, AKA “Ladies” Vodka, is touted as a “glamour” product for upwardly mobile women in Russia designed to be sipped with salad after a workout in the gym (Source Reuters)…  And we think fraternity guys have a problem here in the US!  Seems to me these Russian women have them beat by a long shot. 


“Between us, girls …” is the slogan for a product touted as an ideal tipple (Alcoholic Liquor) for hearty hen parties.

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2nd April 2008

Only In NY

Its a crisp cool night at Yankee Stadium… The rain has stopped… Opening day 2008… The last at “Old” Yankee Stadium, “The House That Ruth Built.”  Introductions pass… Boos for the Jays, Standing “O’s” for the new manager Joe Girardi amongst others.

The American Flag is unveiled out in center field, a young Army Cadet stands at the mic behind home plate… Queue the National Anthem…

Notice anything? Maybe how TERRIBLY off key he goes around “Bright Stars”??? And even funnier how the crowd lets him know how bad with a big “Oooooooooo”…

Yea… Only in New York will you experience that… Opening Day and the crowd blatantly acknowledging how that nice young Cadet singing our Nation’s Anthem just went off key… OUCH!

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