9th April 2008

Arrested? I Think Not!

I have this friend who has this problem.  When he drinks he thinks he is invincible to all and acts as if unnoticeable to cops (especially after he hit 21).  This was more of a problem in college than now of course.  It was to the point where if he separated from us after a night of drinking we automatically assumed he had been arrested for disorderly conduct, if not at least cited for public intoxication/urination.  I believe his last ticket from back in college for public intoxication gave the following reason:

“Slurred speech, found urinating in public.  Peed on sandals and self” 

How’s that for a citation?

I’m sure we all knew/know people like this in college and even post-grad.  The reason I share this little anecdote is I recently met a married couple.  One is a Diplomat and the two of them have got the most amazing identification cards!  The back of it states the following:

“This person has been duly notified to the department of state and under international law enjoys immunity from criminal jurisdiction. The bearer shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention, but may be given a notice of violation.

The bearer shall be treated with due respect and all appropriate steps shall be taken to prevent any attack on the bearer’s person, freedom, or dignity.”

It’s like Monopoly! They have their very own “Get Out of Jail Free” card… An invitation to drunken debauchery, soliciting prostitution, drug dealing, pick your poison…  The US Government cannot touch you.  It’s called Diplomatic Immunity.  The most a cop can do is hand you over to your nation’s embassy. Granted, based on the crime, “your” home country may deal with you as they please… So act accordingly!  But if your home nation happens to be Coke Dealing Columbia or the Hooker Happy Netherlands, I think you’re pretty safe. 

Too bad my buddy didn’t have one of these nifty cards in college!


SizzUp LLC does not support drunken debauchery, soliciting prostitution, or drug dealing.  SizzUp LLC also does not believe all Columbians are Coke Dealers nor do we believe the Dutch are “Hooker Happy.”

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9th April 2008

Events and Specials

Hey guys, I want to start incorporating weekly specials and events on this site.  And while I consider myself an amatuer socialite, I can’t know about all the cool parties and bar specials everywhere, so I’m asking all you party animals to please send all your cool events and favorite bar specials to carly@sizzup.com.  And I will begin making weekly posts about the best places to get your drink on!


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