18th April 2008

“Absolut” Brilliance

NYC is probably one of THE most expensive places to go out and have a good time.  $5 for a domestic $6/$7 for an import is standard at the CHEAPEST places, and a cocktail, forget about it.  At least $8, sometimes $15, depending on the place.   Unless you have a career in banking (If you are you don’t have time to go out and drink) you probably struggle to afford these steep prices, which causes one like myself and most people I hang out with to look for the right deals.

Last night I found a great one…

Mantra, on the corner of 52nd and 2nd will start your Thursday night off right.  A FREE OPEN Bar (No Cover Whatsoever, and No Catch – I was skeptical myself) from 6PM – 7PM offers the Absolut Vodka drink of your choice…  There is even a nice little balcony overlooking 2nd Ave.  So Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and enjoy!

This should save you at least $30… Maybe $50 if you’re like some I know.

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