30th May 2008

For The (Unfortunate) Guys Out There

As a follow up from my post “For The Ladies Out There” from yesterday, I would like to share my solution for those unlucky husbands/boyfriends who are being dragged to this chick flick extravaganza (Sex and The City Movie) tonight or over the weekend:


Just a Flask… Nothing fancy.  Fill it with your favorite liquor or mix (might I suggest straight Tequila for this monstrosity), stick it in your pocket, and you’re set. 

One thing to remember however…  You are in a packed movie theatre with probably over a hundred women who love this show.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, do anything to take away from this experience for your wife/gf or any of the other women in the room or you may experience a pain like you’ve never experienced before…
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The Bartender