30th June 2008

Did You Know?

According to Firstcoastnews.com Coors Brewing Co. has agreed to supply all the E85 ethanol needed to power the fleet of GM flex-fuel vehicles being driven at the Democratic National Convention in August.

From The Article: 

“While most ethanol comes from corn, Molson Coors’ ethanol is produced from waste beer.

The beer is lost during packaging or is considered substandard for public consumption.

Company representative Al Timothy says Coors is the country’s first major brewer to convert waste beer to ethanol.

The brewery started doing it in 1996.  Coors has beer that doesn’t meet their quality standards and so that beer is sent to ethanol towers and distilled down into 400 proof fuel-grade ethanol.

That fuel grade ethanol is blended with 15 percent gasoline and sold as E85 fuel in Colorado.”

I don’t know about you, but here in NY we just call that (“waste beer”) Keystone Light.

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30th June 2008

How NOT To Piss Off Your Ex

I was in Philadelphia this weekend visiting friends from college which of course means a LOT of drinking… And as we all know one of the side effects of drinking is “bad decisions…”

The first bad decision of the weekend was actually a sober one that set up the dominoes. The alcohol was just the finger that pushed that first one and got it all going:

In order of occurrence:

Bad Decision #1 – Inviting an “EX” in town for the weekend (any “EX”), in conjunction with inviting your good college buddies in town.

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26th June 2008

Anything Can Be Turned Into a Drinking Game


As always I was scouring the net today for fun facts, stories, events, etc… having to do with the drinking world we love so dearly and I stumbled upon GOLD!

The NBA Draft Drinking Game (Source: CinemaBlend.com, by Mack Rawden)

Now when the Knicks (Insert your team here) trade away their 1st round pick for a failed, overpaid NBA Vet that will put them over the cap (who has yet to reach his potential), you can at least have some solace in the fact that THIS draft will soon be a blacked out memory never to resurface!  (THANK GOD ISIAH THOMAS IS GONE!)

1): For the first fourteen picks, each player must predict which athlete will be chosen before David Stern walks on stage. Any incorrect guess earns the offending fortune teller a five second drink.
2): After the first fourteen picks, each player may predict which athlete will be chosen before David Stern walks on stage. Any correct guess allows said player to force an opponent to drink for five seconds.
3): Each player must choose a different major collegiate conference and drink for five seconds whenever someone is drafted from said chosen conference.

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26th June 2008

Still American!

Anheuser-Busch to reject InBev offer” (Soucre – Reuters)


Well its nice to see something is still American in this country… After Miller went the way of SAB it would sad to see the the last large-scale American brewery to be majority owned and operated in the United States be bought out by the Belgium company InBev.

Although a takeover is still quite possible it is nice to see that Anheuser-Busch will not go down without a fight.

“Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway is Anheuser’s second-largest shareholder, told CNBC on Wednesday that he viewed the beer battle as ‘an interesting spectator sport’ but had not thrown his support behind either side.”

More to come…

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26th June 2008

Why Teens Drink

I was attempting to search for content that would lead to my first post on this site, when i stumbled upon this argument to discourage teens from drinking :

Alcohol puts your health at risk. Teens who drink are more likely to be sexually active and to have unsafe, unprotected sex.”  – (Source: Kids Health)

Well I think that it is clear that whoever put this site together didn’t think things through very well.   This fact is why most of us began drinking…

I think this says it all 🙂

Contributed by: Mark Stauffer

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25th June 2008

Awesome Philadelphia Beer map!

Heading to Philly for business or pleasure?  Unsure where to wet your whistle?  Well the Philadelphia Daily news was kind enough to provide a Philadelphia Beer Map:  

Joe Sixpack’s 2008 Philly Beer Map 

It provides a map of almost every bar in, and around, center city.  It also has links to each establishment’s websites (when available).   Perhaps they should consider a beer map for every city!

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24th June 2008

“A Man Walks Into A Bar”

falling_man.jpgOne of the First “Man Walks Into A Bar” Jokes I heard from one of my best childhood friends:

A man (Jimmy) walks into a hotel bar and sits down next to a guy who is deep into an argument with the bartender, Moe.

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s all the commotion” says Jimmy.

“He doesn’t think i can do it,” says the guy.

“Do what?”

“Jump out that window, and come back in without falling”

“Well lets settle it then,” says Jimmy as he walks over to the bar window (10 stories high) and looks out.  “Impossible, but it’s his funeral!”
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23rd June 2008

Human Mousetrap

Mousetrap For People:


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23rd June 2008

This Is Insane! If Only It Were Real!

Now I know that this site is not a sports site however this is just so insane I had to post:

Ball Girl Makes Incredible Catch – Watch more free videos

Tis a shame however that it is fake – Source: Shootonline.com

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20th June 2008

Sushi & Saki Anyone?

Ok… Enough with the serious posts and serious opinions.  Here’s the NYC event of the weekend:


Sapporo, Sake, & Sushi @ Butai

115 East 18th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 387-8885

$3 Sapporo drafts, $4 house wine and sake and $5 cosmos and well cocktails.

What about dinner you ask?? Don’t worry, drinks aren’t the only thing on special: $3 edamame bowls, $3.50 salmon, tuna and Cali rolls, and $6.50 Kushi Yaki skewers.


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