20th June 2008

A Campaign That Makes Sense

Parents will be the target of a TV ad campaign that highlights how hard drinking in the home could cause teenagers to become alcohol abusers.  Its about time someone realized one of the main sources of the problem with irresponsible binge drinking.

Without a doubt, parents set the example for their children.  If they have a drinking problem, or drink often, their kids will often follow suit.  Now if they teach their kids to drink responsibly then problems are less likely to occur. 

Apparently the alternative was a Grim Reaper-style ad campaign: “The Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, has denied her own Grim Reaper-style ad campaign – which the Prime Minister said would “scare the living daylights” out of binge-drinking teenagers – had fallen behind schedule.”

Good thing it was denied… There is no “scaring” kids out of drinking/drugs and the like, its going to happen, its unavoidable. better thing to do as mentioned above is to educate them about it, and that education should start with the parents setting the “right” example.

(Source: TheAge.com)

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19th June 2008

Caution, Drink is Stronger Than it May Appear!

Ever order a drink and think to yourself, “Did they put any alcohol in this thing?”  Well think no more.

It seems, according to a recent study by the non-profit Public Health Institute in Oakland, that “the typical wine, beer or mixed spirits drink in bars is larger than a standard drink, often by 50 percent or more.”

And within beverage types, the alcohol content can vary widely, no matter what labels may say.

Specifically, the average glass of wine was 43 percent larger than a standard drink, and no difference was found between the reds and whites. The average draft beer was 22 percent larger than the standard 12 ounces.  (There was no testing of bottled beer)

The one consistent measure was a shot of whiskey — shot glasses apparently are pretty uniform. But mixed drinks with liquor were 42 percent larger than the presumed standard serving, a pitfall other researchers have noted before because many cocktail recipes involve several spirits.

So it seems management isn’t trying to “screw” the customer, but rather trying to compensate for those hefty drink prices… Something to think about next time you go out, or remember come morning (when that hangover kicks in)!

(Source: Chicago Sun Times)

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18th June 2008

Drink like an Artist!

We had a look around various sites with cocktail recipes, in order to see how many of these famous artists have been honored with their own delightful cocktail. We only kept the 3 most widely known names, and you can now drink, and taste it like an artist. Making a cocktail is definitely a form of art, and a good one for enjoying and appreciating a beautiful painting.

Drink like an Artist

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13th June 2008

This Law Goes Too Far

“E.GREENBUSH–The Town Board has scheduled a public hearing for July 9 at 6:30 p.m. to obtain input about a Community and Youth Protection law, designed to combat underage drinking.” (Source: The Independent)

For those of you who are unaware, E. Greenbush is up by Albany, NY. It seems that this Youth Protection law will be one to curb underage drinking in the home.

“The proposed action prohibits the service to and consumption of drugs and alcohol by persons under the age of 21 at private residences in the town. Board members said that social gatherings where alcohol or drugs are made available to children are harmful to them. They noted that youths under 21 often obtain substances with the knowledge or assistance of adult property owners.”

I don’t know about you, but to me this seems like a huge infringement on our right to privacy. Why should the government be able to tell us how to raise our kids?
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13th June 2008

I Like Your Style Kobe

Kobe Bryant, who was shut down for most of Game 4 on Thursday, said it will take a lot of alcohol to get over the loss that saw them blow the biggest halftime lead (18 points) in Finals history.

“Lot of wine, lotta beer, couple shots, maybe like 20 of them, digest it and get back to work tomorrow. Nothing you can do,” he said (Source: RotoWorld).


(***This is not a photo from last night, I just found it appropriate)

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12th June 2008

Alcohol Abuse Costs Canadians Money

It seems our neighbors to the north have quite a costly habit…  Alcohol abuse (AA) costs each Canadian an estimated $463 annually, according to a study by researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. In fact the direct health care costs associated with AA is approximately $1 billion a year.  That is more than the cost of Cancer treatment! (Source: Canada.com)

I guess I found my new target audience… Ohhhhh Canada :)!


What I love about articles like this is that they go on to list ways to “correct” the problem, and I’m not sure about you, but to me they just sound like either common sense or the most painstakingly idiotic, money wasting solutions possible.  So let’s go through the six solutions.

1. Increasing Tax on Alcohol (DUH!!! Simple economics.  Cost goes up, demand goes down… Not to mention those tax dollars can go to their national health insurance)
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12th June 2008

World’s Strongest Cocktail

Well, this one definitely requires more research, so please if you find something about the drink’s history, please let us know! It’s name is Aunt Roberta.

With eight and a half shots of liquor this cocktail seems to be #1. It still tastes good, apparently because of the flavored liquor in it. Read the rest of this entry »

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11th June 2008

Chelsea Handler in A.C.


One of my favorite comedians, Chelsea Handler makes an appearance on the east coast this summer with two performances at the Borgata in Atlantic City on July 5th. Handler is most known for her late night talk show Chelsea Lately and her best selling book Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea.

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11th June 2008

World’s Strongest Beer

Today I am proud to be an American as I have learned that the world’s strongest commercial beer is in fact brewed here by our very own Samuel Adams:

Back in 2000 they brought you Samuel Adams Millennium, 21% ABV, to bring in the new millennium. Then there was Samuel Adams Utopia MMII, 24 percent ABV, in 2001. In 2003 the new batch of Utopias came in at 25.6 percent ABV, and the 2007 Utopias exceeded that by 2 percent! I feel 30% is on the horizon…

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10th June 2008

Give Us Your Strangest Concoction

Tonight I was thinking to myself… .What is the strangest concoction I’ve ever heard of? Surely I’ve come across something bizarre, whether it tasted good or bad is another thing altogether.

Interesting Cocktail
Here’s some of the various creations I’ve come across:
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