5th June 2008

Lo’s Been Had…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA… I started by posting a small comment in response to my partners latest post, however i couldn’t let him off that easily. It seems he’s “been had”… BY A THREE YEAR OLD HOAX!

Back on April 1, 2005, Google announced a drink that you could only get if you had a cap from an old one… They drew up a whole website, description, it seemed legit, but something seemed odd about a drink you could only get with an old cap… I mean how the heck would you even get the old cap… Sounds like some Chicken before the Egg stuff to me.

In any case, it is of course false… Unless of course Wikipedia is wrong, check it out:


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5th June 2008

Google Gulp – new line of products

Google GulpWhat can we say? A drink is the source of life. That definitely stands for water, but others decided to add some flavor to it, which still makes it lively, and enjoyable. Google decided to go a step further and launch its own line of drinks, in association with Auto Drink, known as Google Gulp.

For now, we wouldn’t say that you can just go pick one up at the store around the corner, however, Google says that by simply going to a grocery store and giving the cap, you can get yourself another one. Read the rest of this entry »

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5th June 2008

All Hail…

I’d like to take a minute to gloat.  As some of you may know I am a proud graduate of Penn State University.  One of THE BEST Party schools in the nation (They’re great academically as well of course, but we’re not here to discuss that aspect). 

As many of you know that last statement (Best Party School) is up for debate every year.  Princeton Review, College Humor (Link to College Power Rankings), and other various entities come out with rankings for this… Along with categories like biggest drinkers, hottest women, and best tailgating school based on their own compilation of criteria.  Who is ranked #1 vs #5 is usually a crapshoot however as any of the top 5 can be argued as #1 for the respective category. 
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