6th June 2008

Alcohol Prevents Arthritis

Yet another way drinking alcohol can be good for your health.  According to an article featured on the BBC News website, Alcohol ‘Cuts Risk of Arthritis’, drinking 5 glasses of wine per week lowers the chances of getting Rheumatoid Arthritis by 50%. 

The article of course goes on to say that while their findings support the statement above, they are not conclusive.  In other words they don’t want to admit that drinking (in moderation of course) can be good for you…. EXPECTED! 

I’ll side with the inconclusive evidence thank you :).  Now where did I put that box of White Zinfandel! 

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6th June 2008

The Placebo Effect

This is from a few years back at Princeton.  Some students thought it would be funny to throw a Keg Party with NON-Alcoholic Beer.  Check out what happens:

And I thought Princeton kids were suppose to be smart?!

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6th June 2008

Mornings Of Regret


Do you remember those times in college when you would wake up the next morning and not known where you were?  Maybe you were in your bed and wondered how you got there, on a friend’s couch, at your bf/gf’s place, or maybe even somewhere you’ve “never been”…

Well now there’s a place for you to share these stories. RegretfulMorning.com is the place to anonymously share stories of embarrassment (Walks of shame, nasty hookups, drunken mishaps, etc…) so that the rest of the world can point and laugh at your misfortune.  Don’t worry though, your humiliation will not go unrewarded… The best stories are awarded a prize!

So check it out, this blog is sure to amuse.

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