19th June 2008

Caution, Drink is Stronger Than it May Appear!

Ever order a drink and think to yourself, “Did they put any alcohol in this thing?”  Well think no more.

It seems, according to a recent study by the non-profit Public Health Institute in Oakland, that “the typical wine, beer or mixed spirits drink in bars is larger than a standard drink, often by 50 percent or more.”

And within beverage types, the alcohol content can vary widely, no matter what labels may say.

Specifically, the average glass of wine was 43 percent larger than a standard drink, and no difference was found between the reds and whites. The average draft beer was 22 percent larger than the standard 12 ounces.  (There was no testing of bottled beer)

The one consistent measure was a shot of whiskey — shot glasses apparently are pretty uniform. But mixed drinks with liquor were 42 percent larger than the presumed standard serving, a pitfall other researchers have noted before because many cocktail recipes involve several spirits.

So it seems management isn’t trying to “screw” the customer, but rather trying to compensate for those hefty drink prices… Something to think about next time you go out, or remember come morning (when that hangover kicks in)!

(Source: Chicago Sun Times)

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