22nd July 2008

Labels influencing wine purchases

Show Label 

I don’t know how many of you are guilty of this, but I know I am, and not ashamed to admit it.  I pick out my wine by the packaging! Ok so now that thats out in the open, I’d like to say that more often than not the wines I choose are hits.  For me it’s not just the label that I take into consideration, the bottle and the name also play a major role. 

And after spending a week drinking non stop in the Outer Banks, I found this handy article in my inbox Buying Wine For Its Label from our friends at Mainstreet.  To my relief there are more people like me, aspiring winos, and collectors who have been known to buy for the label as well. This is becoming such a phenomenon that wineries have started to take notice, “a number of wineries, hoping to better sell their wines as essential lifestyle accessories — and perhaps make them a little more collectible — are putting art work on their labels”. Make sure to check out the complete article here!

** yes, and the above photo is an actual wine label.  visit at www.theshowwines.com

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18th July 2008

Honorary Cocktails Celebrate Distiller’s 40th

“Desmond Payne, Master Distiller of Beefeater Gin, has been making gin for 40 years – longer than anyone else in the world. To celebrate this milestone, Desmond has traveled to New Orleans for his ‘Ruby Jubilee,’ a global fete to be attended by drink luminaries from around the world.  The event coincides with Tales of the Cocktail, a culinary and cocktail festival in the French Quarter.” (Source: Marketwatch)

Desmond is the sole guardian of the original gin recipe.  The same one that was developed back in the 1820s – Quite the responsibility if you ask me.  He is a even so privileged as to overlook every step in the production of Beefeater – I hope taste testing is one of the processes.

In recognition of Desmond’s accomplishments, five of New Orleans’ finest mixologists prepared specialty cocktails:

The Desmond

4 parts Beefeater Gin
4 parts balsamic vinegar
3 parts fig preserves
3 parts orange marmalade
2 parts elderflower liqueur
1 sprig of basil
1 large strawberry
1 fresh egg white or pasteurized equivalent
Orange zest for garnish
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18th July 2008


In case any of you are from the area or will be down in Lafayette, LA tomorrow you should definitely check out the Gulf Brew: 

“The Acadiana Arts Council is excited to announce that we are gearing up for the second annual Gulf Brew, which will be held at Parc International in downtown Lafayette on Saturday, July 19, 2008.
In the style of Germany’s Oktoberfest, the Acadiana Arts Council is inviting festival-goers to sample the best brews the Gulf South has to offer. Held in conjunction with Southern Open 2008, an exhibition showcasing artwork from artists living in the South from Texas to Florida, the AAC has invited microbreweries and brewmeisters from the same southern states to offer Acadiana a taste of their specialty brews at this one-of-a-kind beer festival.

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17th July 2008

The Panda Page


This is one funny site – Warning, read with an OPEN mind:Are you planning a trip to America? Wondering what Americans are really like? And are you tired of Internet faggotry?

Well it’s high time you read The Panda Page for the Field Guide to the People of America! A new series that breaks down the anonymity of our great country for newborns and immigrants.

The people of America are delusional gun-toting psychotics with a desire to be smug and trendy. But they’re not all bad, once you get to know them!

So check the Field Guide to the People of America, available only on ThePandaPage.Com

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17th July 2008

Save The Beer Man

The “Beer Man” at a baseball game is as revered as the game of baseball itself.  They’re friendly and more importantly they bring the beer right to your seat so you don’t have to miss a pitch.   If you go to enough games (as I do) you even begin to build a relationship with the guy.

Such is the case with Wayne McMahon, a 60-year-old beer vendor for the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre for the past 6 years.   Wayne, who can be identified by his well known beer holler, “ICEEEEE……. Coolllllddddd………..Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr!” was fired for selling without carding.  A mystery shopper happened to be sitting in the crowd, asked for a beer, Wayne forgot to card him, and he was fired on the spot… A little harsh don’t ya think?
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17th July 2008

Random Thought Of The Day

Why is it that when I do a news search for “Beer” more than half the articles that come up are in reference to Australia.

Here are a two of the top three headers from today’s “Beer” Search on Google:

“Pot of beer to hit $4” – In reference to rising Beer Costs in Australia

“Man Spent $1000 a Week on Beer” – See my previous post

I guess with ads like this it’s hard to resist:

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17th July 2008

Only In Australia

An Australian man, Michael Leary, convicted of his seventh drunk-driving charge was spending about A$1,000 ($972) a week on beer (How was he not broke?).

He was heartbroken after a break-up (FROM 5 YEARS AGO!!!) and drowning his sorrows in alcohol (Apparently in this case it did not alleviate his depression well enough – Click Here For Previous Story).

He was not jailed as the judge noted Leary had quit drinking since his latest arrest (right), but he banned Leary from buying or even holding a beer for 12 months (This seems like the ultimate punishment for a man with this addiction!).

The judge even went so far as to poke fun at Leary’s favorite beer, Melbourne Bitter, in a part of the country where drinkers can be as loyal to beer brands as they are to football teams. 

The judge was quoted saying, “(That is) poor judgment on two counts there — drinking that much and drinking Melbourne Bitter.”

Now I take a few things away from this.  One, this man has a serious drinking problem, anyone who spends what was probably his entire weekly salary if not more on beer needs help.  I’m not sure simply “banning” him from holding a beer will do the trick.  That said, the judge took this case way too lightly.  He treated it like a joke. At least thats what the sentencing sounds like to me. In the US this guy would have almost certainly been jailed, or at least sent to rehab!

(Source: Canberra Times)

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16th July 2008

Best Pub Crawl ‘Spot’

The Top Cities For a Pub Crawl

According to Kevin Baruch, host of the Food Network’s “Thirsty Traveler” and a number of other “Cocktail Kings” the following are the world’s best cities for a Pub Crawl:

Place: Toronto, Canada

Reason: West Queen West is ideal for a bar crawl, because of its “funky mix of hotel bars and stand-alone establishments like Sweaty Betty’s and Reposado.” According to Baruch you should start the crawl at the bohemian chic Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar where the 1930s wooden bar is the perfect spot to down a Labatts — or two then head to the hipster Drake Hotel bar, which always sports the newest cocktail.
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16th July 2008

And The Winner Is…

First of all we would like to thank you for taking part in our FIRST monthly contest of many to come.  We received a lot of interesting drink submissions so before we go ahead and announce the winner I’m going to go through the WORST tasting combinations submitted to us (YES we did try them ALL, was one drunken weekend):

3 Worst

I call this one the “Rim Job” – Cheese Whiz around the rim of a can of beer… No Bueno. Sorry Gretchen, I’m sure some love it.

The “Michelada”Pour your beer into a glass filled with ice and add the juice of one small lemon. Add a dash of soy, Tabasco and Worcestershire. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. For some, a true Mexican Michelada is not complete without a shot of Tequila mixed in.  Do I need to explain why I did NOT like this drink???

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14th July 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Today is a sad day as the USA has lost another great American brewer to foreign acquisition.   Belgian-Brazilian InBev’s new offer of $70 per share was accepted Sunday by Anheuser-Busch – America’s largest brewery. 

Click here for the rest of the story.

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