1st July 2008

Leave It To The French

“Smokers in France are uniting to beat a ban on lighting up in public by organising open-house parties where they can puff on their Gauloises until the early hours.” (Source: TimesOnline.co.uk)

Leave it to the French to try and one up us Americans and ban smoking in bars as well as ALL public areas…  Thats right, you can’t even light up outside your office!  However it seems that they have not taken too lightly to the law.

The movement has flourished since the introduction of the ban on January 1. Internet groups on facebook and other various networks have sprung up to link the partygoers and inform them of planned festivities.

The group — Pour le Grand Retour de la Fête en Appart’ en 2008 (“For the Great Comeback of Parties in Flats in 2008”) — originally included a few dozen people. Now it has 1,182 members. It’s taken off so much that they had to create a second, secret group as it is not really feasable to “have 1,000 people in a small flat.”

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