10th July 2008

From ‘Beer Pong’ To ‘Pong Toss’

It seems a “crisis” has been averted as “Beer Pong” has become ‘Pong Toss’ (See “Rated ‘T’ for Teen” Post). 

Sure it still has the same premise as Beer Pong however all references to alcohol have been removed from the game. That is the only way the game could reasonably be marketed to teens yet it is still receiving cold stares from critics who say that it is just a way for teens to practice for Beer Pong before they get to college.

Well let me tell all you people a thing or two about the game of Beer Pong… If you think a video game called “Pong Toss” can prepare you for the real thing you simply haven’t played the game.  There are too many factors to take into account when actually playing the game that you do not have to adjust for when playing a video game:
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10th July 2008

Contest Closed

Our first monthly contest has been reached its conclusion… We have received some real strange submissions.  Some quality, while others were just repulsive, but either way I thank you all for your submissions!

In one week we will announce the winner along with our commentary on the three best AND worst tasting submissions.  The winner will be notified by e-mail and will receive their choice of SizzUp Mug, Hat, or T-shirt.

Stay tuned for the next contest (Ideas Welcome).

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