11th July 2008

Another Reason To Keep On Drinking

“Giving up alcohol can lead to depression” is the title of a recent article in the UK’s Telegraph.

New research has found that Moderate drinkers who give up alcohol are likely to suffer from mild depression.

Science has often provided proof that drinking offers some protection against heart disease, certain types of stroke and some forms of cancer… But apparently becoming stone cold sober can “reduce the brain’s ability to produce new neurons, cells which have a role in regulating stress levels,” says a University of North Carolina Study – The first known link between abstinence from alcohol drinking and depression.  It seems that at the root of it all, no matter how much we drink, we’re all alcoholics!!! To some extent.  

Maybe instead of rehab clinics where alcoholics are “cleansed” we should have “moderation” clinics where patients can be coached to drink in a more responsible manner?  That or alcoholics coming out of rehab should be immediately put on a healthy dose of anti-depressants (If they are not already). 

In either case this article just supports my case for my nightly dose…

So support your local tavern tonight and every night and keep the fridge stocked.  It’s good for your psyche!

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